Club 1 Hotels

Guaranteed Savings at More Than a Million Hotels Worldwide

Introducing Club 1 Hotels, our new hotel service provider. With Club 1 Hotels, enjoy guaranteed* best rates plus no membership fee as a benefit of your club membership ($99 savings), major luxury hotel chains and no blackout dates. Log into your club's website to access Club 1 Hotels or contact ClubLine at 800.433.5079 or

If you are an alliance club member (a club not owned or operated by ClubCorp), please contact ClubLine for reservation assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Club 1 Hotels? 
Club 1 Hotels is an online tool designed to make your travel planning simple. You can access hundreds of hotels 24-7 right from your club website and enjoy guaranteed* best rates on overnight stays at more than a million hotels nationwide.

How do I access the site?  
Log into your club’s website to access Club 1 Hotels or contact ClubLine at 800.433.5079 or

Who provides the service?
Club 1 Hotels is a private global luxury travel club dedicated to consistent quality and unparalleled service.

Who do I contact if I cannot access the Members only section of the website? 
Please contact the Member Services Center at 312-819-2446 or by email at

A few of the hotels I used to access through ClubLine, such as Club Quarters, are not available on the site. May I still make reservations at these hotels? 
Yes! We are working to include all our hotel benefits in this new tool; however, if you have a favorite hotel you booked through ClubLine that is not on this site, contact ClubLine and they will be happy to help you with your reservation.

Who do I call to make a reservation at a Diamond Resorts property?
Our relationship with Diamond Resorts is unique. Please contact ClubLine at 800.433.5079 or

Do I have to pay for my hotel in advance? 
Yes, similar to other online hotel booking services, payment in full is required at the time of your reservation.

Will I receive a refund if I cancel my hotel? 
Yes, as long as you cancel within the hotel’s cancellation policy. Cancellation policies vary by hotel. The cancellation policy will be stated on your hotel confirmation. 

Who do I contact if I need to change or cancel my reservation? 
Call 312-819-2446 or email

*Savings guaranteed by Club 1 Hotels. Reservations within 5 days of arrival are excluded from Best Rate Guarantee Policy. Best Rate Guarantee cannot be used with any other promotional offer, including booking credits and discounted gift cards. See Terms and Conditions at Club 1 Hotels website for details. Club 1 Hotels and ClubCorp USA, Inc. are not affiliated, and neither has any obligation nor liability with respect to the products or services provided by the other. Benefits may be amended, modified or discontinued at any time. Additional restrictions and exclusions may apply. Contact ClubLine for details: 800.433.5079.