Oceania Cruises

Journey to Majestic Corners of the World Aboard Oceania Cruises


A WORLD OF POSSIBILITIES with Oceania Cruises, each voyage invites you to travel the world the way you’ve always dreamed. Sail the gorgeous Mediterranean, and embrace the legendary cities and rich history that have given rise to the celebrated coasts of Europe. Throughout Asia and Africa, immerse yourself in exotic adventures and extraordinary experiences possible only in these faraway lands. Get swept away in the alluring paradise of the South Pacific, home to vibrant Polynesian traditions and some of the world’s most gorgeous islands. Experience the natural grandeur of Alaska, the vibrant cultures of South America, or mysterious Mayan ruins and timeless island charm in Cuba and the Caribbean. With Oceania Cruises, these only begin to hint at the magical possibilities that await you around the world.
THE JOYS OF OLIFE ™ Whatever corner of the globe beckons to you, Oceania Cruises takes you there in comfort and style. Relax aboard one of our six intimate and luxurious ships catering to just 684 or 1,250 guests, and discover what OLife™ truly means. From the moment you step on board, you feel welcomed by our casually sophisticated atmosphere and dedicated staff. Savor exquisite cuisine renowned as the finest at sea and spend the days exactly as you wish. Perhaps attend an engaging guest lecture, sip a cocktail poolside or simply relax on your private veranda as you gaze out on ever-changing vistas. It’s the ultimate satisfaction of enjoying every moment of the experience in your own way
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