Milka Gronlund, PhD

Milka Gronlund-Aliso-Viejo-Golf-Club-Aliso-Viejo-CA
Role:Fitness Director
Serving Since:2008
Phone Number:949.609.3326

Milka Gronlund, PhD, PsyDc is certified and trained in many areas, including wellness, psychology, addictions, naturopathy, nutritional wellness, yoga, Pilates, personal training and classical dance. She has been in the wellness industry over the past 20 years. She is currently doing research in the area of mindfulness and body-mind connection, with focus on how they relate to mental and physical health. 

She offers personalized appointments, motivation, education and support for those who are interested being happier and healthier. She works in a hospital and clinics locally and is the director of the New Chapter show on