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AED/CPR Training Class

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Date: Sat, Feb 2, 2013
Time: 9:00am
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February 2 at 9:00am

The HEARTSAVER CPR/AED COURSE is a 4-hour course designed for
non-medical people. This course is intended for the general public and is a great first CPR course. NO TESTING, the only requirement is course participation, which covers both adult and child CPR.    

You will receive training by local EMS staff, a textbook and course participation card.

The course will be sponsored by the Ashlyn Would Go Foundation, which was founded in 2005 by Bay Oaks Members Crissy and Joel Helmke after the death of their teenage daughter due to sudden cardiac arrest.   

There is no out of pocket cost for this training. However, donations to the Ashlyn Would Go Foundation will be accepted 

      Chain of Survival
      Normal Heart and Lung Anatomy and Function
      Coronary Artery Disease
      Risk Factors for Heart Attack
      Prudent Heart Living
      Heart Attack and Stroke
      Operation of an Automated Electronic Defibrillator (AED)

      Adult Conscious Obstructed Airway
      Adult Unconscious Obstructed Airway
      Adult One Rescuer CPR
      Infant and Child Conscious Obstructed Airway
      Infant and Child Unconscious Obstructed Airway
      Infant and Child One Rescuer CPR
      Conscious Obstructed Airway becoming Unconscious
      AED Operation

For more information about the mission of the Ashlyn Would Go Foundation, go to: www.AshlynWouldGo.org