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Summer Camp Enrollment

Summer Camp Schedule and Registration Information

For question or send registrations to:

Camper Ages

Camp Bay Oaks is for ages 5-12.


  • Weekly:  Members- $275, Non members- $335
  • Daily:  Members- $65, Non members- $90
  • Before and after-care: $10 per child, per hour

Time: 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. • Drop off: 8:45 a.m. • Pick up: 4:15 and 4:30 p.m.

Registrations, Cancellations and Refunds

Full payment is due upon registration or you may leave a $50/wk deposit to secure a spot for as many weeks as you like. You must inform the club via email to which exact weeks you will need by May 29. 

ALL requests for cancellations or changes must be informed in writing via email to Bay Oaks Country Club. Cancellations made by May 20 will be refunded in full. If you do not submit it in writing by May 20 you will be responsible for all fees as space is limited. We will however, always offer a credit towards a future week (if space is available) or for the following summer.

Camper Enrollment Form and Health Form

The camper enrollment form AND health form must be submitted to our office by May 29. If you registered after May 29 please bring your completed forms to the camp directly on the first day of camp. You can email the form to

Address For Camp, Arrival and Pick Up Procedures

Bay oaks country club is located at 14545 Bay oaks Blvd, Houston, TX 77059.

Parents (or authorized guardian on their enrollment form) must check-in and out their children to camp every day for their safety, children are not allowed to be dropped off, or check themselves in or out. If you would like to pick up your child before normal camp dismissal, please inform the site director, so that we can have your child ready to depart on time.

What To Pack

Camp T-shirts can be worn each day of camp. One T-shirt will be provided for you on the first day of camp. Additional shirts may be purchased from the Director for an additional $15. Campers should dress in comfortable shorts, T-shirt and sneakers each day.

The following items should be brought to camp each day in a backpack:

1)  Flip flops for the pool only
 2)  Hat or cap
 3)  Water bottle
 4)  Sunscreen (spray preferred)
 5)  Swimsuit
 6)  Towel
 7)  Extra snack (optional)
 8)  Cell Phone for emergency use only 

Please make sure to LABEL EVERYTHING with your child's name.

What Not To Pack

Any shoes with wheels (heely’s), expensive jewelry or items with sentimental value are strictly prohibited. iPods, game boys, books etc. are not allowed at camp. Please remember that Bay Oaks Country Club is not responsible for any items brought to camp. All lost items will be returned to their owners. If items are not labeled and we cannot locate the owner, the items will be donated at the end of the summer.

 Lunch And Snacks

We provide a delicious lunch, afternoon snack and beverage daily. Additional snacks and or drinks may be sent in a cooler or backpack. Please make sure to inform us if your child has any food allergies or dietary restrictions. Please make sure to LABEL EVERYTHING with your child's name.

Camper Expectations

Parents, please discuss the following Camp rules with your child before the start of the camp season.

Camper Rules 

1)  Stay with your group and listen to your counselor at all times.
 2)  Be courteous with the words you use; inappropriate language will not be tolerated.
 3)  Keep your hands and feet to yourself at all times.
 4)  Be respectful of others belongings. Do not take anything that is not yours.
 5)  Respect the environment, by throwing away all trash, and returning equipment to its proper place after use.
 6)  Always follow the golden rule- treat others, as you would like to be treated.
 7)  Laugh and smile very day.
 8)  Have fun, be safe, make new friends, try new activities, and feel great about yourself.


Bay Oaks Country Club reserves the right to dismiss any camper for inappropriate or unsafe behavior. The camp director will always make an effort to discuss and resolve any issues with a camper with their parents or guardian. If a problem persists and cannot be corrected, the decision to dismiss a camper will be made by the camp director in consultation with management. No refunds will be given for children who are dismissed from camp.

Camp Staff

All staff is first aid and CPR certified and has passed background checks on the federal, state and local levels. They also attend orientation with Bay Oaks Country Club and adhere to our strict code of ethics. If there is ever an issue with a staff member, please do not hesitate to contact Warren Rohmfeld,Camp Director at 281.244.3807 immediately and he will resolve any issues you may have. Great feedback is always welcome as well!

Illness And Emergency Procedures

If your child wakes up ill, please keep them at home for the day. We ask for your consideration for the health of all our campers and staff. If a child is injured or becomes ill during the camp day, you will be notified. If the illness or injury is significant to the extent that they can no longer participate in camp activities you will be notified immediately and asked to pickup your child. 

In the unlikely event that an injury or illness requires emergency care, you will be notified immediately. The director will contact 911, and paramedics will transport your child with an accompanying staff member to an emergency care facility. Parents or the designated guardian will be responsible for any medical fees incurred. 

In the case of severe weather, Bay Oaks country Club reserves the right to cancel any activities that may endanger our campers.

Contacting Your Camp Director

Should you need to contact your camp director please call the club at 281.244.4888 and the Bay Oaks Camp Director will contact you as soon as possible if he is not available.