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"Don't Need to Read the Book" Book Club

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Date: Tue, Mar 5, 2013
Time: 6:00pm - 9:00pm
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"Don't Need to Read the Book" Book Club

An Exciting New Event at the Club

Over two years ago one of our long-time Buckhead Club members, Bob Littell, created a most interesting form of a book club. He discovered that many of the most successful people he knew LOVED how a  book club helps people get to know each other at a deeper level, but were so busy with their work that they didn't have time to read the book and therefore felt they couldn't really contribute to the discussion at the meeting.

So Bob created the "Don't Need to Read the Book" book club.

Bob calls authors of great books - some on business topics including business development, branding, marketing, and customer service, while others are on team-building, leadership, time management meeting facilitation, - and with their permission Bob writes his own 15 or so page summary of the book. He's now on his 23rd book and he has had as many as 50 participants attend one or more of his events and his invitation list - all who asked to be added is over 250.

Several of our club members have attended one or more of these meetings and have raved about how the smaller 'breakout group' discussions (after short introductions are made) really allow you to get to know someone below the superficial level.

But at a brainstorming session, we came up with one new twist which, for a select few, should make this event even more powerful. For the first 10 members who sign up, they can bring a 'non-member' guest ($15 member cover and cash bar, but the guest is free),  The guest could be current client, a current or potential referral source, or a colleague from work. We are capping attendance for this event at 40 so that there is time at the beginning for introductions before we break out into smaller discussion groups.

The book chosen for our first meeting is titled, "Networking is Dead" by Larry Mohl, former Chief Learning Officer at American Express and most recently at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, and now co-founder of the Global Institute for Inspiration whose research is used by Forbes Magazine to rank America's most "inspiring" companies. . Larry has agreed to come to the meeting and to give an overview of the book he co-authored with Melissa Galt.  Over the holidays, the book was the #1 Best-Seller on Barnes & Noble and #5 on the Wall St. Journal list.

Join Us for the first "Don't Need to Read the Book" book club

Tuesday, March 5th
6:00 pm

Reservations Required!

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