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Canterwood’s junior golf programs are strictly devoted to your child's specific goals. Whether you're a 7-year old just beginning to play golf, or an experienced high school golfer getting ready for your senior year, our programs have been meticulously designed to fit all junior golfers individual needs.

We provide golf instruction based on 9 fundamentals that have been tested and proven effective: pre shot routine, putting, chipping, sand play, wedges, irons, fairway woods, driver and post shot routine. 

The players in our programs will experience an environment that is fun, competitive, and nurturing. We've designed our programs so your junior golfer can increase their skills each week rather than repeating what they already know. As their improvement grows they will graduate to the next level in the program. Below is a basic outline of each level and the qualifications for each group.

9 Fundamentals

1-Pre shot routine 2-Putting  
3-Chipping 4-Pitching  
5-Sand play 6-Wedges  
7-Irons 8-Woods  
9-Post shot routine    

The Groups

Orange - ages 7-9 (beginning kids)
The orange group is for new and Recreational golfers, with the introduction of fundamental skills and knowledge to build a foundation for a lifetime. With the use of games, drills and activities to hold the attention of the group, these programs introduce rules and etiquette along with the 9 basic skills of golf. Instruction is presented in a non-competitive way, and our instructors will motivate players with an enthusiastic and nurturing approach.

Green - ages 10-12 (intermediate kids)
The green group program is designed for the next step in your child's progression. This group is geared toward students that have some golf experience or have attended our golf camps before. We will cover golf rules, etiquette and course management along with refining the 9 basic golf skills learned in previous classes. 

Red - ages 13-14
This group is the optimal age group for learning and engraining golf skills. In a fun, safe, and effective environment, we cover all 9 fundamentals that we teach to the earlier groups as well as diving into more advanced concepts that will prove invaluable to the golfer’s future with his/her game.

Blue - ages 15-18 (beginning/intermediate)
The blue group is a program to introduce the fun of golf to high school students. Kids will be taught the fundamentals of golf, etiquette, rules, and the 9 basic golf skills increasing their comfort and confidence on the course. Taught in a fun learning environment the kids will learn a repeatable golf swing and a love for the game that will last a lifetime. 

Teal – (elite junior golfers)
Our goal is to graduate all of our junior program participants into the Elite group. Juniors will receive Intensive instruction in all aspects of high performance golf using state of the art technology and some of the best coaching methods in the game. We are confident in getting our players to achieve goals in golf they never thought were possible. Acceptance into this group is resume/interview based.