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Lisa Marie Field
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Membership Testimonials

“What a wonderful place to wow your guests, make amazing connections, and nurture relationships! I am proud to be a Member.”
- Chris

"Joining the Club is one of the best business decisions I've made. The ability to meet with clients and treat them to lunch, the view of downtown at dusk, private meeting rooms and a courteous, hard-working staff are just a few of the benefits. Access to other Clubs also allows me to market my business in other cities, knowing I have a terrific location to meet clients."

The Capital City Club is proud to be one of Columbia’s premier private business and social clubs. Maintaining a growing, vibrant and diverse membership is essential to the Club’s continued success. 

Membership in The Capital City Club is by invitation at the discretion of The Board of Governors. All Memberships may be held by an individual or a firm, and provide equal privileges to spouses. The following classifications of Membership have been established: 

Resident Membership

Resident Membership entitles a Member and a spouse 40 years of age and older to full Capital City Club membership privileges as well as social privileges at participating clubs in the network. 

Junior Membership

Junior Membership entitles a Member and spouse under the age of 40 to full Capital City Club privileges and participating club benefits. 

Nonresident Membership

Nonresident Membership offers full Club privileges to the Member and spouse. It applies, however, to those individuals whose principal residence and business is outside a 50-mile radius of the Club. 

Emerging Leaders Membership

With Columbia getting younger, our location overlooking the Vista and our new lounge renovation, The Capital City Club desires to create a membership opportunity for our future community leaders who are currently aged 30 and under. This premier category of membership entitles a Member and spouse 30 and under to full Capital City Club privileges. 

Corporate Membership

In order to preserve the compatibility of the Membership, one individual shall be designated for each Corporate Membership.