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Classic Movie Night

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Date: Fri, Mar 22, 2013
Time: 6:00pm - 9:30pm
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Classic Movie Night

Dinner, a movie and lively discussion!

6 pm - Introduction by UNC Law School Dean Jack Boger

Although Dean Boger’s previous introductions and "Conversations" at Classic Movie Night have focused on dramas with courtroom settings or legal questions, jurisprudence at their core, there are questions here of police procedures and the convictions that result– as well as the danger to Dr. Kimble’s safe capture – that bear scrutiny and discussion. Especially, in a time when DNA evidence has revealed the tenuous threads that have brought convictions in some cases, whether it was eyewitness testimony – once considered so reliable it was almost impossible to overcome – or other evidence that has led authorities to a false conclusion and the accused being convicted and sent to prison, this will be a timely and important discussion.

7 pm – Dinner and the film

Another 1993 film, the big screen version of the classic TV drama of Dr. Richard Kimble’s search for the one-armed man who murdered his wife. Harrison Ford plays Dr. Kimble in the film and Tommy Lee Jones is the U.S. Marshal who, when the good doctor escapes en route to prison, follows him in a tenacious, never-let-up, just one step behind – tense moment after tense moment -- effort to capture him.

If film versions of TV series rarely turn out well, as Janet Maslin noted in her New York Times review, she was quick to say: "Not this time, however. The film version of ‘The Fugitive’ turns out to be a smashing success, a juggernaut of an action adventure saga that owes nothing to the past."

Harrison Ford, of course, is Dr. Kimble this time, but he still has all those Indiana Jones, narrow escapes genes, and uses his free time to find the clues that lead him not only to the one-armed man, but the man who hired him to do the dastardly deed.

[Running time: 130 minutes]