October is here and so are a lot of cool flavors that you only get this time of year! Pumpkin, Octoberfest and fall themed beers are no making their appearances in the market. Currently we have some plans to tap some killer brews from some of the best breweries around. Look for the following to be tapped soon:
Ballast Point Dead Ringer (Octoberfest)
Ballast Point Pumpkin Down
Flying Dog The Fear Pumpkin Ale
Cismontane Buckwheat Oktoberfest
Goose Island Autumn Ale
In addition, it is barrel aged stout season. We currently have the Port brewing BBA Santa’s Little Helper and it won’t be too long before the Goose Island Bourbon County Stout is here! We are excited for you to try all of the wonderful flavors the holiday beer season has to offer! 
Did you know? Local brewery, Bottle Logic, won two Gold Metals at the Great American Beer Festival in Late September. One for Cobaltic Porter in the Baltic Porter category and for Lagarithm in the American Style Dark Lager category. This was Lagerithm’s second Gold in two years!
We’re proud to support our local breweries and provide the chance for you to taste them here at the club. Let me know which ones are your favorite!

Fall is here!  With the holiday season just around the corner, it’s worth noting a new trend in events: Many groups are now hosting holiday parties in November or January instead of December.December is always busy with many events competing with each other. With limited weekend dates during the month, many people end up multi-tasking every Friday and Saturday in December and popping from party to party. Add in personal commitments during holiday season such as gifts, family commitments, finding babysitters, hosting one’s own holiday soirees, etc. and it’s understandable that December can be a very hectic time of year.In addition, because December dates are in such high demand, a host can typically secure more valuable food and beverage minimum expenditures in November or January than in December.  If a host is working with a budget, looking at months outside of prime dates can be beneficial.If plans haven’t already been made for a December holiday party in 2015, November or January dates should be considered. Let us help you plan outside of the traditional holiday rush and make managing planning less complicated, attending the event easier for the guests, and review possibilities for more budget friendly events.

Happy Planning,Kaitlin Kuykendall and Chris HartleyPrivate Event Directors

Summer GrillingWell we are now into the thick of the summer days. What better way of spending some time outside than sparking up the bbq and doing some grilling? We just enjoyed our Father’s Day Brisket & Brews, so I thought I would offer you these grilling tips to follow.Charcoal or wood gives you better flavor then just plain old gas. But you can buy some little boxes to place some wood chips inside then place in your gas bbq and then it will give off smoke which will flavor your food.Get your grill hot. Turn it on high for about 15-20 minutes before you start to grill. You want the meat or fish to sear and caramelize when you cook it. It’s the caramelization that gives you the char flavor. It is easier to clean a grill while hot then when cold. So once you have heated up the grill use a wire brush and scrape it clean. Then I usually use an old kitchen towel dipped in some olive oil to rub on the grill after cleaning. Be careful the grill is hot.  Once you have done this let it heat up for about 5 more minutes.Marinate your meat or fish. This should be done a couple of hours ahead of starting your grill. This will give it a great flavor and will tenderize the meat too. You can also marinate fish. If you are using bbq sauce I like to brush it on a few times during the cooking process. If I am grilling fish I try and pat the pieces of fish dry with a paper towel or an old kitchen towel. This prevents the fish from sticking too much. When grilling things like small vegetables or small fruits use a grill basket. You can buy these in most cooking stores and it keeps all your vegetables together and stops them from dropping through the grill blades. Asparagus is hard to grill without one of these.Use a thermometer to check if the fish or meat is done. Rare is around 115. Medium Rare is about 125-130. Medium is around 130-140. Well done is around 160.And last but one of the most important things is let the meat rest before you cut it or serve it. You will notice that the meat will be tenderer and the blood will stay inside the meat.I hope these tips help you enjoy a wonderful summer filled with great BBQ parties!
-Executive Chef Lewis

It's that time of year again!!! Members go on vacation and visit other ClubCorp clubs. Don’t forget about your member benefits - You can bring a guest for free when you travel!During July and August, show your family and friends what Signature Gold is all about. To make reservations or tee times outside of your home Club, simply call ClubLine at 1-800-433-5079. Give your guest a free green fee at one of our country clubs (outside of Orange County) and a free meal at one of our business clubs this Summer. If you would like Signature Gold added to your Membership contact us at 714-662-7244.
-Kristin Kuchyt and Gina Oddo, Membership Directors

Happy Holidays…No, REALLY!Holiday planning can be a daunting task, unless you have the Center Club Events Team on your side.  With that in mind, we offer the count down of our top seven holiday planning tips:
7) Have Fun PlanningWith the information of the technological age at our fingertips, the internet is a fantastic resource for the latest trends in events.  One of our favorite places to see new ideas is on Pinterest.  You can look at Center Club’s Pinterest page for visual ideas on invitations, décor, favors, vendors, food and cocktails. https://www.pinterest.com/centerclub/Allow yourself to take the time enjoying the creativity of planning an event.
6) Mix it Up  Many times the holiday gathering is the only point in the entire year that some groups come together as a whole.  Encourage interaction between your guests with friendly competitions, games or team activities.  Last year at Center Club, one of the hosts hid Lego kits under each guest table with a name of a landmark written on the box.  Before dessert, the host of the party instructed the guests to look under their tables.  Nobody was expecting a Lego kit OR what was coming next.  A timer was set, and each table was tasked with building the landmark written on their Lego box in a short amount of time.  The guests had an incredible time with the friendly competition and had a conversation piece until the next year’s holiday party.Don’t be afraid of an old-fashioned white elephant gift exchange.  Mix in giving back.  After all, it is the holiday season and it is always stylish to contribute to your community.  The power of guest numbers at a holiday party can be used for an immediate and significant charitable contribution.  Link your holiday party to a charity by collecting gifts or donation items.
5)  Be Holiday Spirit Smart  Signature Drinks are a great option for holiday parties.  A Signature cocktail adds a customized touch to your event and will streamline the beverage service.Offering a bar is a staple at holiday events.  Be sure to have the bar stop serving drinks ½ hour to an hour before the party ends so that the lasting memories are good ones. 
4) Hire the Right VendorsWhen shopping for vendors for floral, photo booths, lighting, DJs, etc.  Use your resources for referrals.  Don’t hire someone you don’t have a reference for.  Chris and Kaitlin have a wonderful list of preferred vendors who always deliver.
3) Communicate ClearlyMake sure that your guests know the correct start time of the event, the dress, how to get to the event and what their parking instructions are.  Center Club is happy to provide a PDF map with directions to Center Club that can easily be emailed.Have the menu, vendors and any special details finalized with the venue at least three weeks prior to the event.  The venue will also need your final guest count and set up for the event finalized at least 10 days prior.  Making sure your details are finalized and communicated in advance will ensure that the party is executed with precision according to your vision.If you wish to share your event on social media, think about creating a unique hashtag your guests can use before, during and after the event. Let your guests know on the invitation which social site they can find you on and where they can share their photos and stories from the event. 2) Start NOWYes, in July. Scheduling is important.  You want to be sure you have the date you want at your venue and that your guests have blocked the date for your party before anyone else’s. Perhaps most importantly, reserve plenty of time to iron out the details before the bustle of the holiday season takes hold of your stress levels.  
1) Location, Location, LocationLocation is paramount to the success of your holiday party.  The newly reinvented Center Club’s contemporary elegance is the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable event.  In addition to stunning aesthetics, Center Club offers a history of fine cuisine, exceptional service and detail oriented Private Event Directors.  Center Club is here to help you with all aspects of the planning of your personalized holiday party so that the planning process is easy for you and your guests will be sure to be impressed. Some Thursday and Friday nights are still available, so please give us a call to reserve your date as soon as possible. We look forward to counting down the days until the big event with you!
The Private Event Department can be reached at (714) 438-3860.Happy Planning,Kaitlin Kuykendall and Chris HartleyPrivate Events Directors

Is it July already? My goodness. We’re beginning the second half of 2015. We continue to enjoy summer at the Center Club with more outdoor activities and nights on the patio. I know Chef has given you some terrific grilling tips, which you can see in action at our Thrill of the Grill cooking class. We can’t wait to welcome all of our Center Club families for the Family Fun Night: Splashtopia! Kids should be prepared to get soaked! And a family friendly buffet is served to re-fuel for the water balloon toss. We love this family tradition at Center Club!If our staff seems a bit mysterious this month, it’s only because we are trying to find the best place to hide clues for our Murder Mystery Dinner later in the month. We’ll all be wearing masks that night, acting in character and trying to figure out, “Who done it?”Of course, we are always eager for our Blend Tasting which happen the third Thursday of the month. RESERVE Members enjoy complimentary tasting. It’s god incentive to become a RESERVE Member today!We know that many of you are galavanting the planet in summer months. Make sure you send us a photo or two from your travels, especially if you visit a sister club in the US. Signature Gold members may want to give Gina or Kristin a call to review your benefits to take advantage of free tee times and complimentary meals. We love to hear your stories from your visits to other ClubCorp properties, so please always feel welcome to share!Have a fantastic month of July. We look forward to seeing you at many of our events this month. We wish you a very safe and enjoyable 4th of July weekend!Thrill of the Grill: July 23rdBLC Murder Mystery Dinner: July 24thFamily Fun Night: July 27th

-Shahin Vosough, Club Manager

July is a great month.  Fireworks, BBQ, baseball, killer produce and beer drinking weather.  There is so much that is great about July, and summertime in general, that it’s hard to pick the best.  Without a doubt, baseball is it for me, but I talk about baseball enough as it is. Beer?  I never talk about that, so why not? Barbecuing on the patio with a six pack of ice cold beer is truly one of the greatest pleasures in life.  Whether you are drinking seasonal summer releases or just enjoying a Pacifico, a frosty brew makes grilling more enjoyable.  Beer also makes it easier to tolerate your siblings around the holidays!  Don’t be afraid to experiment with the types of beer you drink, as well as the food you grill.  The BBQ isn’t just for burgers and dogs.  Throw some fresh peaches on the flame for a whole new level of flavor.  Want to add depth to you potatoes?  Throw them on the grill for a nice char and add some truffle salt.  There are so many things that just taste better cooked on an open flame.  Drop me a line and let me know what you like to grill up with your beer!

-Chris Sarten, Food & Beverage Director

Last Month I talked about the different fruits and vegetables in season. This month, it’s our seafood provider who has great pickings! 
Right now the fish that are freshest and in season are the following: Soft Shell Crabs, Copper River Salmon, King Salmon Sable Fish, Alaskan Halibut, Santa Barbara Spot Prawns, Black Cod, Sea Bass and Sword Fish. Plus tons of fish coming out of Hawaii like Mahi Mahi, Opah and Ono are tasty and popular.
By the time you have read this article you will have noticed that soft shell crabs are on the Encore menu. 
Most of the soft shell crabs become available around Mother’s day but they are pretty hard to get at that time. The market has opened up and they are more plentiful right now. Same thing with Copper River Salmon, prime season usually starts around the beginning of June. 
The Copper River rises out of the Copper Glacier, which lies on the northeast side of Mount Wrangell, in the Wrangell Mountains, within Wrangell-Saint Elias National Park. It begins by flowing almost due north in a valley that lies on the east side of Mount Sanford, and then turns west, forming the northwest edge of the Wrangell Mountains and separating them from the Mentasta Mountains to the northeast. It continues to turn southeast, through a wide marshy plain to Chitina, where it is joined from the southeast by the Chitina River.The Copper River is approximately 290 miles (470 km) long. It drops an average of about 12 feet per mile (2.3 m/km), and drains more than 24,000 square miles (62,000 km2)—an area the size of West Virginia. The river runs at an average of 7 miles per hour. Downstream from its confluence with the Chitina it flows southwest, passing through a narrow glacier-lined gap in the Chugach Mountains within the Chugach National Forest east of Cordova Peak. There is an extensive area of linear sand dunes up to 250 feet (76 m) in height radiating from the mouth of the Copper River. Both Miles Glacier and Childs Glacier calve directly into the river. The Copper enters the Gulf of Alaska southeast of Cordova where it creates a delta nearly 50 miles (80 km) wide

Executive Chef Lewis Butler

The month of June brings us the official start to summer, Father’s Day and a garden variety of events and programs at Center Club. After a successful launch of our Reserve Membership, members who have joined ClubCorp’s inner wine circle will enjoy their second Blend tasting event. We also will enjoy a Duckhorn Wine Dinner on the 12th which will be the first of many Bistro events, where Reserve Members receive special pricing. One of the greatest benefits if Reserve, as Chris Sarten points out, is the special wine list, created exclusively for Reserve members. If you missed the launch of Reserve last month, you can still join! It’s an easy process online - Click Here 
Summer also brings us a bounty of seafood, which Chef has expressed in his news this month. Special attention is paid to soft shell crab, no only because of it being in high season, but because our members love this menu item. Chef Lewis gets creative in the kitchen with the variety of seafood. Make sure you check the Encore menu each Wednesday for the new items listed. The Encore menu is refreshed weekly. And how could I go without mentioning Chef Lewis’ cooking class on July 23rd - The Thrill of the Grill! Perfect opportunity to prepare for your backyard parties this summer. Your newly acquired grill skills will be sure to impress your guests!
If you are traveling this summer, we encourage you to take advantage of your member benefits. Gina and Kristin have highlighted a few. If you need a reminder before you head out on your trip or to visit other clubs, just please give us a call. We’ll be happy to let you know how you can get the most out of your membership!
We’re celebrating Dad this month too. On the 19th, our Friday Feast will feature Brisket & Brews - a dinner Dad is sure to love! This is a great time to bring your family and friends to the club and celebrate your #1 guy.

Shahin Vosough, Club Manager

Didn’t I just write my June 2014 article?  Where has all the time gone?  Summer is here and so is a brand new and exciting membership program for those of us fortunate enough to live on the West Coast!  Reserve: ClubCorp’s Inner Wine Circle officially launched on May 1st!  The over 60 members who have upgraded have already begun to take advantage of this one of a kind offering…..

The Reserve Wine List is in full swing and boasts the best values in Orange County.  How about Duckhorn Napa Cab for $39?  Rombauer Chard for $35 or Goldeneye Pinot for $49?  No, that isn’t the by the glass price, those prices are for a bottle and they are just a few of the selections available only to Reserve Members!  Looking for more?  Good because there is!  Over 30 people joined us on May 21st for our first Blend Tasting.  We poured 17 wines accompanied by great food while offering the wines at deep discounts both for bottle and case buys.  The next Blend Tasting is on June 18th and will feature wines from all over the New World!

More still….have you tried The Curated Experience yet?  Our high end side by side tasting of four world class wines hand Selected by America’s first Master Sommelier, Eddie Osterland, is a must try for every Reserve Member.  In fact, the first three Reserve Members who send me an email mentioning this article will receive a complimentary Curated Experience!

An yet, more....There are even more great benefits, like preferred pricing for wine maker dinners and the opportunity to travel to wine country each year with Eddie Osterland, but I have yet to mention my favorite part of the reserve Membership….IT TRAVELS!  Take it with you to any of the five West Coast City Clubs and use the benefits as if you were sitting right here at Center Club!  If you would like more info about all things Reserve, please reach out to me!  Cheers!

Chris Sarten, Food & Beverage Director

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