Membership Minute August 2014

Summer Vacations Remembered

In a recent conversation with a new member, I couldn’t help but reminisce about summer vacations with my grandparents. My grandfather worked so hard the entire year until vacation. When he took vacation he became a different person. No longer would Toastmaster speeches, board meeting preparations and academy tests take up his evenings & weekends. He was 100% engaged in vacation. It was in these times that all his hard work seemed to pay off. He was able to take us to popular local restaurants, go site seeing, and relax without a care in the world. We would play in the pool or on the beach until the sun went down. I loved those times.

Our new member, wanting a bit more than a “stay-cation,” decided to head down to San Diego to spend a weekend. “It seemed the perfect destination,” he explained on the Tuesday back at the Club. “We wanted to get away without the stressful planning of a major trip.”

Because he was new to Center Club, the San Diego trip his first chance to indulge in his Signature Gold benefits. “It was so refreshing,” he claimed. “The weather was perfect. On Saturday I played golf and my wife did some shopping. In the evening we had dinner (at the University Club??? Where?) and ended the weekend at the House of Blues for their Gospel Brunch.” He went on to say, “Membership has been defined as business meetings and conference calls but after this weekend it was so much more.”

  Summer gives us the opportunity to pause for a moment and enjoy the world around us. As we get ready for fall, remember to take this pause. As a member of Center Club and the ClubCorp family, look to use your benefits to enjoy this great season. You may not have time to plan and extended vacation, but a short weekend get-away or special dinner spot can work great magic in feeling refreshed and creating fond memories, too.  Happy remaining days of summer!

-Gina & Nicole, Membership Directors

Welcome our Newest Members! 

Gideon Bernstein & Pepper Jeane

Jesse Bolling

Kristopher De La Pena

Stanley & Ellen Delfino Gordon

Irv & Gloria Goldberg

Jeremy & Debra Goldman 

Daniel & Erin Gutenplan

Charina Holmes

Wendy Hooper

Scott & Nicole Hoover

H. GIlbert Jones

R.J. Kirschner 

Marshall & Serafina Krupp 

Henry Lambert

John Mangum

Frank Mickadeit

Nancy & Jeffery Miller

John & Alisa O'Keefe

Andrew Stinson

Ethan Temianka

Michael & Suzie Yi


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