Private Event Happenings July 2014

Happy Holidays…No, REALLY!

Holiday planning can be a daunting task, unless you have the Center Club Events Team on your side. It may only be July, but now is the time to start planning for the holidays. With that in mind, we offer the count down of our top seven holiday planning tips:

7. Have Fun Planning
With the information of the technological age at our fingertips, the internet is a fantastic resource for the latest trends in events.  One of our favorite places to see new ideas is on Pinterest.  Have a look at Center Club’s Pinterest page for visual ideas on invitations, décor, favors, vendors, food and cocktails.  Allow yourself to take the time enjoying the creativity of planning an event.

6. Mix it Up  
Many times the holiday gathering is the only point in the entire year that some groups come together as a whole.  Encourage interaction between your guests with friendly competitions and games. 
Last year at Center Club, one of the hosts hid Lego kits under each guest table with a name of a landmark written on the box.  Before dessert, the host of the party instructed the guests to look under their tables.  Nobody was expecting a Lego kit OR what was coming next.  A timer was set, and each table was tasked with building the landmark written on their Lego box in a short amount of time.  The guests had an incredible time with the friendly competition and had a conversation piece until the next year’s holiday party.
An old-fashioned white elephant gift exchange is always a hit. Don’t hesitate to stick with what works. 
Mix in giving back.  After all, it is the holiday season and it is always stylish to contribute to your community.  The power of guest numbers at a holiday party can be used for an immediate and significant charitable contribution.  Link your holiday party to a charity by collecting gifts or donation items.

5.  Be Holiday Spirit Smart 
Signature drinks are a great option for holiday parties.  A signature cocktail adds a customized touch to your event and will streamline the beverage service. 
Offering a bar is a staple at holiday events.  Be sure to have the bar stop serving drinks ½ hour to an hour before the party ends so that the lasting memories are good ones. 

4. Hire the Right Vendors
When shopping for vendors for floral, photo booths, lighting, DJs, etc., use your resources for referrals.  Don’t hire someone without a reference. Chris and Kaitlin have a wonderful list of preferred vendors who always deliver.

3. Communicate Clearly
Make sure that your guests know the correct start time of the event, the dress code, how to get to the event and are familiar with parking instructions and fees. Center Club is happy to provide a PDF map with directions to Center Club, which can easily be emailed to your guests.
Have the menu, vendors and any special details finalized with the venue at least three weeks prior to the event.  The venue will also need your final guest count and set up for the event finalized at least 10 days prior.  Making sure your details are finalized and communicated in advance will ensure that the party is executed with precision according to your vision.

2. Start NOW
Yes, in July! Scheduling is important and prime dates fill up fast. You want to be sure you have the date you want at your venue and that your guests have blocked the date for your party before anyone else’s. Perhaps most importantly, reserve plenty of time to iron out the details before the bustle of the holiday season takes hold of your stress levels. 

1. Location, Location, Location
Location is paramount to the success of your holiday party.  Newly reinvented, Center Club’s contemporary elegance is the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable event.  In addition to stunning aesthetics, Center Club offers a history of fine cuisine, exceptional service and detail oriented Private Event Directors.  Center Club is here to help you with all aspects of the planning of your personalized holiday party so that the planning process is easy for you and your guests will be sure to be impressed. 
Some Thursday and Friday nights are still available, so please give us a call to reserve your date as soon as possible. We look forward to counting down the days until the big event with you!

The Private Event Department can be reached at (714) 438-3860.

Happy Planning,

Kaitlin Kuykendall and Chris Hartley

Private Events Directors


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