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Center Club Orange County Cares

For over 30 years now Center Club has been working to be the ultimate destination for leaders in Orange County. We are proud of our community and our Members and want to give back in a truly meaningful way, as we fulfill your desire to make an impact on the community.

The mission of our Center Club Cares initiative is to empower the citizens of Orange County through community and workforce development. We invite you to take part on this endeavor with us throughout this year and beyond.

We’re opening our doors to local non-profit organizations!

We are excited to open our doors at Center Club Orange County to organizations that matter to you. We want to give back in a meaningful way, and by offering discounts to local non-profits that hold events at our Club, we feel that we can get to know the organizations that truly matter and make a difference in the community.

Hosting Events at Center Club

If you know of a great organization that could utilize the Club for an event, please refer them to our Private Events office for consideration as they may qualify for waived venue fee as well as a 10% discount off food purchases. Please contact our Private Events Office at 714.438.3860 or email

Qualifying organizations must have 501© 3 status and a federal tax ID and must book and event at the Club pursuant to a signed Private Event Contract. Offer is subject to availability and has no cash value. Other restrictions may apply.

Center Club Cares has also created a donor advised fund to grand funds for community partners, and help our citizens get access to various forms of education and workforce training. From early learning initiatives to veterans programs, we want to take an active part in helping Orange County thrive.

Center Club Cares donor advised fund will benefit beneficiaries selected annually. Club Members may nominate eligible non-profit organizations for consideration. The beneficiary eligibility requirements and necessary documentation and information are provided below.

Contribute to Center Club Cares Donor Advised Fund

Donations for the donor advised fund can now be made and  members of Center Club may use this avenue for giving back and getting involved in the Orange County Community. All donations will be made directly to OneOC to be held in the fund; for the convenience of its members, Center Club may arrange to mail member checks to OneOc. Donations may not be charged to members accounts. Click here to make a online donation.

Center Club Community Affairs Subcommittee will then advise OneOC to make donations out of the fund to the community partners selected from the annual nomination process. For more information on getting involved, please contact Club Manager Shahin Vosough:

Or you may also wish to contribute to Center Club Charity Classic benefiting Augie’s Quest, E.P.C.F. and Center Club Cares. Click here to donate.

Center Club Cares Mission: To empower the citizens of Orange County through community and workforce development.

The application is due each year on October 15 and must address the following:

  1.  Point of contact information, and Executive Director contact information 
  2. Outline of your mission, vision, and programming
  3. How are you aligned with the mission and brand of Center Club Cares?
  4. Outline your stewardship process.
  5. What is your influence and reach in Orange County like?
  6. What impact are you making in the short and long term?
  7. What impact does each of your program make?
  8. What is the pervasiveness of the community need being fulfilled?
  9. How will you use a $10,000 grant to make an impact?
  10. How can Center Club members get involved?
  11. How many people do you serve annually?
  12. How do you measure success?
  13. What is your plan for reaching success in the coming year?

Eligibility Criteria 

  • Must be tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code
  • Must be based in, and serve communities within Orange County, CA
  • Must be aligned with our funding priorities of:
    • Supporting workforce and/or leadership organizations wherein there is a common good for society and measureable outcomes.
    • Educational programming for the upcoming or active workforce.
  • Must be seeking a grant that can be fulfilled in the next 18 months (cannot be time sensitive)

Organizations that fall into the below categories are ineligible for Consideration:

  • Organizations that deny service to a potential client or beneficiary on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, sexual orientation, age, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, veteran, or disability status
  • Political races, unions, fraternal organizations, or civic clubs
  • Religious organizations (for example, churches and synagogues)
  • Individual pre-K-12 schools (public or private)
  • Sports, athletic events, or athletic programs
  • Travel-related events, including student trips or tours
  • Development or production of books, films, videos, or television programs
  • Medical and health-related organizations and · Any other support that does not meet the IRS’s definition of a charitable purpose
  • Individuals seeking scholarships or fellowship assistance, who are not members of Center Club or employees of Center Club

Prior to making a donation, you should discuss your plans with legal or tax advisor.