Last Month I talked about the different fruits and vegetables in season. This month, it’s our seafood provider who has great pickings! 
Right now the fish that are freshest and in season are the following: Soft Shell Crabs, Copper River Salmon, King Salmon Sable Fish, Alaskan Halibut, Santa Barbara Spot Prawns, Black Cod, Sea Bass and Sword Fish. Plus tons of fish coming out of Hawaii like Mahi Mahi, Opah and Ono are tasty and popular.
By the time you have read this article you will have noticed that soft shell crabs are on the Encore menu. 
Most of the soft shell crabs become available around Mother’s day but they are pretty hard to get at that time. The market has opened up and they are more plentiful right now. Same thing with Copper River Salmon, prime season usually starts around the beginning of June. 
The Copper River rises out of the Copper Glacier, which lies on the northeast side of Mount Wrangell, in the Wrangell Mountains, within Wrangell-Saint Elias National Park. It begins by flowing almost due north in a valley that lies on the east side of Mount Sanford, and then turns west, forming the northwest edge of the Wrangell Mountains and separating them from the Mentasta Mountains to the northeast. It continues to turn southeast, through a wide marshy plain to Chitina, where it is joined from the southeast by the Chitina River.The Copper River is approximately 290 miles (470 km) long. It drops an average of about 12 feet per mile (2.3 m/km), and drains more than 24,000 square miles (62,000 km2)—an area the size of West Virginia. The river runs at an average of 7 miles per hour. Downstream from its confluence with the Chitina it flows southwest, passing through a narrow glacier-lined gap in the Chugach Mountains within the Chugach National Forest east of Cordova Peak. There is an extensive area of linear sand dunes up to 250 feet (76 m) in height radiating from the mouth of the Copper River. Both Miles Glacier and Childs Glacier calve directly into the river. The Copper enters the Gulf of Alaska southeast of Cordova where it creates a delta nearly 50 miles (80 km) wide

Executive Chef Lewis Butler

The month of June brings us the official start to summer, Father’s Day and a garden variety of events and programs at Center Club. After a successful launch of our Reserve Membership, members who have joined ClubCorp’s inner wine circle will enjoy their second Blend tasting event. We also will enjoy a Duckhorn Wine Dinner on the 12th which will be the first of many Bistro events, where Reserve Members receive special pricing. One of the greatest benefits if Reserve, as Chris Sarten points out, is the special wine list, created exclusively for Reserve members. If you missed the launch of Reserve last month, you can still join! It’s an easy process online - Click Here 
Summer also brings us a bounty of seafood, which Chef has expressed in his news this month. Special attention is paid to soft shell crab, no only because of it being in high season, but because our members love this menu item. Chef Lewis gets creative in the kitchen with the variety of seafood. Make sure you check the Encore menu each Wednesday for the new items listed. The Encore menu is refreshed weekly. And how could I go without mentioning Chef Lewis’ cooking class on July 23rd - The Thrill of the Grill! Perfect opportunity to prepare for your backyard parties this summer. Your newly acquired grill skills will be sure to impress your guests!
If you are traveling this summer, we encourage you to take advantage of your member benefits. Gina and Kristin have highlighted a few. If you need a reminder before you head out on your trip or to visit other clubs, just please give us a call. We’ll be happy to let you know how you can get the most out of your membership!
We’re celebrating Dad this month too. On the 19th, our Friday Feast will feature Brisket & Brews - a dinner Dad is sure to love! This is a great time to bring your family and friends to the club and celebrate your #1 guy.

Shahin Vosough, Club Manager

Didn’t I just write my June 2014 article?  Where has all the time gone?  Summer is here and so is a brand new and exciting membership program for those of us fortunate enough to live on the West Coast!  Reserve: ClubCorp’s Inner Wine Circle officially launched on May 1st!  The over 60 members who have upgraded have already begun to take advantage of this one of a kind offering…..

The Reserve Wine List is in full swing and boasts the best values in Orange County.  How about Duckhorn Napa Cab for $39?  Rombauer Chard for $35 or Goldeneye Pinot for $49?  No, that isn’t the by the glass price, those prices are for a bottle and they are just a few of the selections available only to Reserve Members!  Looking for more?  Good because there is!  Over 30 people joined us on May 21st for our first Blend Tasting.  We poured 17 wines accompanied by great food while offering the wines at deep discounts both for bottle and case buys.  The next Blend Tasting is on June 18th and will feature wines from all over the New World!

More still….have you tried The Curated Experience yet?  Our high end side by side tasting of four world class wines hand Selected by America’s first Master Sommelier, Eddie Osterland, is a must try for every Reserve Member.  In fact, the first three Reserve Members who send me an email mentioning this article will receive a complimentary Curated Experience!

An yet, more....There are even more great benefits, like preferred pricing for wine maker dinners and the opportunity to travel to wine country each year with Eddie Osterland, but I have yet to mention my favorite part of the reserve Membership….IT TRAVELS!  Take it with you to any of the five West Coast City Clubs and use the benefits as if you were sitting right here at Center Club!  If you would like more info about all things Reserve, please reach out to me!  Cheers!

Chris Sarten, Food & Beverage Director

We realize you have so many offerings as a Center Club Member, that after a while you may forget some of the AWESOME benefits available to you. Benefits to Remember!Members receive six guest passes a year. These passes can be used for a friend, colleague, or client to use the Club...even if the Member isn't present.Reserve Members can gift their two "Blend" Wine Tasting admissions to a friend, colleague, client, or family Member.Members receive complimentary corkage on Fridays.The Encore menu is refreshed every Wednesday. Three to Five items will change every week so your taste buds will be continually delighted.When you make your My Community golf reservations (Coto De Caza, Aliso Viejo, or Canyon Crest) don't forget to make a reservations to dine as you also receive a two-for-one entree at these properties.Did you remember all of these benefits? We hope so. If you’re a bit fuzzy on all the details, please feel welcome to call Gina or Kristin for a review of your benefits. You are also welcome to join our Member Orientation asa new member or as a member who needs a refresher on your benefits package! It’s a great chance to meet other members and get to know our staff a bit better. We find that members who take advantage of their benefits and the offerings in their passports get the most out of their membership, and we want you t be one of them!

Kristin & Gina in Membership

Summer will officially arrive on Sunday, June 21, but we’re getting a head start with a very hot offer.  As the long summer days begin to take shape, don’t miss opportunities to continue to develop business through top notch private events with incredibly valuable pricing.Add some sizzle to your next private event this summer with our Summer Sizzle offer.  

Book a new event from June 1, 2015 – August 31, 2015 and enjoy:-Complimentary Room Rental-Complimentary Audio Visual Equipment-Special Summer Sizzle Menus:-Breakfasts starting at $17.00 per person-A.M./P.M. Breaks and All Day Beverages starting at $14.00 per person-Lunch Selections starting at $26.00 per person(prices are subject to tax and service charge)Let’s make your next event a summer hit! Call the Private Events Department for more information today at 714-438-3860. Happy Planning,Kaitlin Kuykendall & Chris HartleyPrivate Events Directors

When we welcome the month of May, we are always first thinking about Mom and celebrating Mother’s Day. We’ve been talking about Mother’s Day for awhile within the Club, because it is a favorite holiday and a time-honored tradition at Center Club. No doubt, we put on a spectacular brunch with an omelette station and Chef's Spectacular Dessert Station. Kids can enjoy making a gift for mom out on the patio (hint: we are helping them develop their green thumb). We look forward to seeing all of you this weekend. If you haven’t made your reservation, please make sure you don’t miss one of the best events of the year.You have likely received materials and seen promotional banners for our Reserve launch. Reserve is ClubCorp’s Inner Wine Circle and is an added benefit for our foodies and wine lovers. Reserve Members receive exclusive access to “The Curated Experience” a special wine list and Eddie O’s notes and insights. Enjoy invitations to unique events and preferred price such as our Blend Tastings, Bistro Suppers and Epicurean Dinners. And world class travel opportunities, including special trips with Eddie O, are also part of your benefit package. If you missed the launch and sign up opportunity at our 30th Anniversary party last week, you can upgrade your membership on our special website: I hope you will also join us for a very trendy dining experience this month - Dinner in the Dark. It is said that when you eliminate your sight, your other senses work harder to create a picture for you. And Dinner in the Dark will prove to be an experience which pushes your sense of smell and taste into over drive! We are eager to serve up a secret menu and hear how different food tastes when you cannot see what exactly you are eating. Chef Lewis is creating a fabulous menu for you, so make sure you’ve booked a table, as this will be a memorable evening for sure!

-Shahin Vosough 

Club Manager

Have you heard the buzz about Reserve, ClubCorp's Inner Wine Circle? Reserve is the ultimate membership upgrade granting access to the world of wines with in the familiarity of your own club.  Whether a wine aficionado or an aspiring enthusiast, enjoy a comprehensive and exclusive body of wine experiences.  Reserve members are privy to exclusive access, unique events and world class travel.  Benefits include; intimate wine events, curated tastings with Eddie Osterland, your Reserve Ambassador and America’s First Master Sommelier, select wines and Reserve Member pricing, wine locker access and the opportunity to travel to our featured wine destination with Eddie O.Reserve debuts this month and benefits will begin in May.  We know there are many of you who would enjoy this additional benefit, especially if you’ve attended any of the tastings, showdowns or wine dinners recently. We’re eager to share the details with you. To learn more about benefits and upgrading your membership to Reserve, please contact Kristin or Gina in the Membership Department.  We are excited to announce that we have extended the offer to enroll with no upgrade fee through May 31st! 

Champagne Dress
Red Carpet
Walking Dessert

Trend watch! One of the biggest trends that we see on the horizon for private events is the element of incorporating interactive, live entertainment.
Obviously, one always wants to ensure top notch food, beverage, and service in order to create a memorable event for guests. However, if someone really wants to create a lasting impression, we suggest taking it to the next level with live performances.
Center Club recently had a private event at the club that featured interactive performances by Champagne Creative Group. Upon arrival, guests were greeted by a “Champagne Diva” who was wearing a large hoop skirt that held welcome cocktails. At the entrance of the event, guests walked along a red carpet – which was actually an extension of a beautiful performer’s evening gown. Throughout the event, different performers entertained and were an integral part of some of the food presentation. Don’t Chef Lewis’s Lemon Meringue pops look extra sweet when presented by a roaming table? 
Not only was the “wow” factor of the event raised several decimals by the look of the performers, but because the performers interacted with guests, the guests truly became a part of event’s experience.
The sky is the limit when considering possibilities, and one of the best parts of live performers at an event is the creativity a host can have requesting specific entertainment that fits their theme. Production companies like Champagne Creative Group can handle the performers from start to finish (creative concepts, costumes, providing & managing talent, etc.), making the process easy.
We expect to see more and more custom performers enhancing events, and can’t wait to see what comes out next!
Happy Planning,
Kaitlin Kuykendall & Chris Hartley
Private Event Directors

Summer’s Burst of Color
Wow I can’t believe how fast this year is passing us by! I am about to start working on items for our new summer dessert menu. My plan is to have it in place by the end of May, beginning of June. This special desserts will be on offer until September. 
I love this time of the year for the colors of the fruits and vegetables. All the stone fruit like peaches, white and yellow, apricots, black and gold, and the plums come in about 5 different colors. Red, Yellow, green and the blood plums sometimes called elephant hearts or dinosaur eggs are super pretty. This is the prime time for these fruits so their sugars are at their peak. There is a farm in Oxnard which delivers our strawberries, unlike any other strawberry. They call them Harry’s Berries, with great dark red color and fantastic sweet flavor. Worth trying!
Then on the vegetable side all the peppers and the heirloom tomatoes are available in a great array of colors. You can pretty well get heirloom tomatoes all year round but the next 5 months are when they are at their best. Drizzle a little olive oil and sea salt and, yum, you are good to go. 
I am a big chocolate fan but this time of the year I really get into the fresh fruits and the different things you can do with them. So keep a look out for our new summer dessert menu around the end of this month.
Chef Lewis 

To inspire those who are still getting acquainted with Center Club Cares, we wanted to share with you how your fellow Members are giving back to the community, and how you can also get involved through the convenience of Your own Club!

The mission of Center Club Cares is to empower the citizens of Orange County through educational opportunities and human services. From early learning initiatives to veterans programs, we want to take an active part in helping Orange County thrive.Center Club Orange County is proud of our community and our members, and wants to give back in a truly meaningful way, as well as help you fulfill the desire to make an impact in the community.To help us fill Orange County with more dynamic leaders for today and tomorrow you can get involved in many ways. Please reach out to management, or visit us online.

Member Spotlight: 
Brandon Moody, Board of Governor, Community Affairs Committee Member, and Center39 Committee Member

Here are just a couple of things that Brandon has invested his time and heart into. Being part of the Community Affair Committee behind Center Club Cares, Brandon has been involved in the birthing process of this new empowering Center Club Cares fund. 

Anaheim Family YMCA Directing Staff - Camp Miehana Jr Leaders in Training

Anaheim Family YMCA Major Gifts Campaign

2013 Gold Sponsor Susan G Komen Race for the Cure OC

2014 Printing Sponsor - Susan G Komen Race for the Cure OC1st 

3rd Annual Dave + Busters Golf Tournament Printing Sponsor benefiting TACA (Talk About Curing Autism)

Co-Founded the “No Kids Left Behind” Campership Fund with the assistance of C39,

The 12 Movement + Josh Boyd in February 2015

Member and Incoming 2016 Marketing Chairman of Rotary Club of Irvine

Bronze Underwriter + Printing Sponsor of Human Options Black Tie Masquerade 

Printing Sponsor of Young Professionals Leadership Summit 2012-2014 produced by Ed Linck

Named Emerging Professional of the Year by Irvine Chamber 2013-2014

Member Irvine Chamber Ambassadors Committeemost

Recently named 1 of 6 Men of Style by Riviera Magazine

Brandon Moody YMCA
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