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Larry's Construction Update

Dear Members,

As you may have heard, our new Member Lounge has been named "Aperture Lounge". Aperture is defined as an opening through which light flows. The name selection is synonymous with the amazing light levels and light exposure captured, but the openness of the windows throughout the lounge, and the influence of the design factor which weighs heavy on the "Theater District".

The Aperture Lounge combines the wonderful views of downtown and the Hollywood Hills with the architectural presentations representing the Theater District. The beautifully red-encased balcony over the bar carries the dramatic imponderable image that also fulfills the design advice of the Feng Shui Master. (Yes, we have a Feng Shui Master!) The Master walked the club space, long before construction, with our design team to provide advice on the effects of color and other elements necessary to incorporate Feng Shui into the Club.

The benefits of the Aperture Louonge will be "Member Breakfast" complimentary service each morning, or selection from our hearty breakfast menu. Each morning we will have a barista making fresh coffee. This will be complimentary to Members and Members will enjoy $1.00 espressos, cappuccinos and lattes.

Lunch start at 10 AM with an all-day menu which will have small bites, entrees and shared dishes to make the dining experience just experience.

At 5 PM every day we will have an action station preparing cooked-to-order items selected by the chef. You’ll find that some of the cooked-to-order items are influenced by the food trucks that are so famous in Los Angeles.

It would not be a Theater District without our continued "Take Two" benefit. As always, Members receive their second cocktail complimentary, when it is the same as the first drink.

The Aperture Lounge will have a varied selection of "bespoke cocktails" with a new, special selection every day. With the great sunsets we’ll enjoy in the Aperture Lounge, we want to celebrate this event in two ways. Members can take a picture, share it online (we;ll decide if it’s on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram later) and enter a contest to win a prize every month.

The other celebration every day is the sunset happy hour. Items on the anytime menu will be identified with a sunset mark and these will be reduced in price throughout the 1 hour happy hour. Look for the cocktail prepared at the special sunset price.

With a 138" screen in the Aperture Lounge, we’re planning great events like movie night and art classes plus a plethora of other events for your enjoyment. Under the 138" screen will be a shuffle board, where I can see Members setting up a ladder to find out who can be the CCLA Champion.

I could go on and on about all of the amenities and benefits you’ll get to experience. I cannot wait to see the Aperture Lounge come alive. Exciting!




Posted On: Thursday, August 15 2013