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Business Alliance Navigation Series

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Date: Tue, Jun 18, 2013
Time: 9:30am - 12:00pm
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Business Alliance Navigation Series
Tuesday, June 18 
Registration: 9:30 am
Workshop: 10:00 am  - Noon; buffet lunch following
Capital City Club  
Members $15++    
Reservations Please: 832-8856

"How to Awaken Interest in Your Prospects & Clients: Delivering to Meet Customer Promise"

First, we’re going to give you key concepts not just for ‘marketing‘ but for ‘strategic marketing‘. Right away you can begin to maximize your action plan to grow your business with specific go-to-market strategies. 

But this workshop is more than mentally grasping new concepts.  It’s a very interactive workshop, filled with examples and exercises to help you truly master these concepts and strategies and to provide hands-on experience developing and working with your own products and services.

In fact, you’ll be given specific steps to turn into an action plan to improve sales and marketing productivity and leverage your business relationships via a very effective step-through “dashboard” of all the marketing elements needed for a tactical and actionable approach for your company.

Walk away from this workshop with the ability to
 Think through your go-to-market strategy and your routes to market channels
 Cover more market opportunities
 Strengthen your competitive position
 Optimize your marketing investments
 Create tactical and actionable marketing plans using your own customized marketing dashboard

Note: While all participants will find this workshop information very helpful, you will get the most immediate benefit from this workshop if you bring data about your products and services, your marketplace, your customers and even an outline of your current go-to-market blueprint as a guide (if you have one).  A worksheet to gather any or all of this information for this session will be provided before the workshop. If you were able to attend the April and May workshops, you likely will have most of the information already.
Lea-Ann W. Berst is the Principal and lead consultant at Sleddogg Marketing Management with decades of corporate and consultative experience in product and brand management. Through the years she has realized just how important it is for companies to see themselves as their customers do when it comes to planning and executing their marketing. Lea-Ann serves as a partner with her clients to help launch products, develop promotional programs, and formulate their overall marketing mix for the most effective sales force delivery.

Lea-Ann gives back too. She regularly contributes to non-profit boards and consults with senior executive teams of industry groups. She is on the Advisory Board for the Business Program at William Peace University, holds a Board Seat at the Business and Professional Woman’s Organization, and is an Adviser at the Alumni Sharing Knowledge Program at the State University of New York at Oswego. Lea-Ann is also a recipient of the Triangle Business Journal’s Women in Business award – awarded for her significant accomplishments in business and community service. For more about Lea-Ann, please visit her website at:www.sleddogg.com.