All answers to frequently asked questions apply to both individual and team formats unless otherwise stated.

Q: When are the league dates?

A: 2016 Season


Registration: End June 27th

Match 1:         July 8th – July 21st
Match 2:         July 22nd – August 4th
Match 3:         August 5th – August 18th
Match 4:         August 19th – September 1st
Match 5:         September 2nd – September 15th
Match 6:         September 16th – September 29th
Match 7:         September 30th – October 13th
Tournament of Champions Invitations: October 25th
Tournament of Champions Tournament: November 12th 

Q: How do I complete registration?

A: The GL membership fee is $40 per season for the individual format and $80 per season for the team format.

Q: Can I use pro-shop credit to pay for my registration fee?

A: Pro-shop credit will not be allowed for payment into the golf league as it was designed for the purchase of merchandise only. A participant must use their membership account to pay for the Golf League.

Q: How do I make payment for the GL?

A: Your account will be billed at the start of the season on your membership account.

Q: How many total matches are there?

A: The league will consist of seven (7) different matches, one against each other individual or team in your bracket.

Q: How is my flight and bracket determined?

A: The GL flights and brackets players based primarily on geographical location. The secondary method will be based off handicap or average score.

Q: What is the format?

A: The format for all GL regular season matches is match play. GL team matches are best-ball match play. Strokes for disadvantaged players will be distributed based on USGA handicaps. Matches in the non-handicapped divisions will play just like matches in the Scratch division where handicaps are not taken into account. Unlike regular match play where a match may end with 3 holes left to play, the GL requires you to complete the remainder of the round. Players will be awarded points for each hole they play, in addition to points for winning the match.

Q: How are points distributed?

A: Points are distributed for each hole that a player wins or ties in addition to points for winning the match. See chart below

  Points Per Hole
Win 1.0
Tie 0.5
Loss 0.0


  Points for 18 Hole Match
Win 4.0
Tie 2.0
Loss 1.0


Q: What if I want to pick up on a hole?

A: The Golf League will abide by the USGA rules for adjusting hole scores for equitable stroke control. Equitable stroke control is an adjustment of individual hole scores (for handicap purposes) in order to make handicaps more representative of a player’s potential ability. Equitable stroke control is applied after the round and is only used when the actual score or the most likely score exceeds a player’s maximum number. Equitable stroke control sets a limit to the number of strokes a player can take on a hole depending on their course handicap.

Course Handicap: Maximum Number:
9 or Less Double Bogey
10-19 7
20-29 8
30-39 9
40 and Above 10


If you are competing in the non-handicap divisions and you pick up on a hole, your score for that hole will be 9.

Q: How is my points/hole average calculated?

A: Points per hole are calculated by dividing the total number of points earned by the total number of holes played.

Q: Is there a certain place where each match is held or does the course change with every match?

A: Flexibility is one of the major highlights of the league! Participants will have the option to choose the course that best fits their needs within the two-week time frame the match needs to be completed.

Q: How long do I or We have to complete our match?

A: : Each match must be completed within a two-week time frame at a ClubCorp course of their choice. Additional time may be allotted due to weather or other obstacles.

Q: What happens if one of the matches cannot be completed in the allotted time?

A: We encourage every participant to complete their matches early, but if a match cannot be completed during the two-week time frame, participants should email The Golf League and ask for an extension. Extensions will be granted throughout the season, but all matches must be completed by the last day of the season. The Customer Service email is:

Q: What if my opponent and I can't agree on which course to play?

A: If opponents cannot agree on a course to play, the decision goes to the home course player or team.

Q: Who is responsible for scheduling a tee time?

A: The home player or team is responsible for scheduling the agreed upon tee time at the agreed upon golf course.

Q: Who is responsible for keeping score?

A: : The home player or team is responsible for keeping both players or both team’s scores and entering the final agreed upon scores online at the GL website.

Q: How will I verify my opponent's handicap?

A: Before each match both GL members will look up their current handicap at the GHIN computer in the clubhouse with their opponent present.

Q: How do we determine who gets strokes under the handicap format?

A: Prior to beginning your match, look up each player's handicap index in the GHIN system at your Golf Course of choice. Once each index is obtained, view the course chart located in the pro shop and calculate each player's course handicap based on the tees that the match will be played. Using indexes to determine course handicaps will equalize a match between players who usually play from different tees. Please consult the local course pro if you have questions regarding the determination of each player's course handicap.

Q: What if we want to complete our match from different tees?

A: Please see explanation above.

Q: On which holes will I receive strokes if I am the disadvantaged player?

A: You will receive strokes on the toughest handicap holes.

Q: How many strokes will be awarded for a 9 hole match based on handicaps?

A: After calculating how many strokes the disadvantaged player should receive, divide by 2 for a 9 hole match.

Q: Where do scores have to be turned in after completing the match?

A: The home player or team will be responsible for entering the holes won, tied and lost as well as all players Gross scores into the Golf League website.

Q: Can I walk or ride a cart during my match?

A: Depending on course rules, you may walk or ride during any match.

Q: What set of golf rules does CGL abide by?

A: All CGL play will be governed by the USGA rules. You may find all updated USGA rules by visiting the USGA website, . If you cannot find an applicable USGA rule, resolve all ruling discrepancies by consulting the local head pro.

Q: If I have a complaint, whom do I contact?

A: Contact with questions or complaints.

Q: What if my opponent and I can't agree on the amount of holes to play?

A: If there is a disagreement on the amount of holes to play, players must play a 9 hole match.

Q: What if I want to protest the scores submitted?

A: If you would like to protest a submitted score, email the Golf League at We will contact your opponent to verify the score protested and will resolve any issues and update the scoring entry.

Q: What if I can't contact my opponent?

A: You will be given your opponents email and phone contact information. If you attempt to contact your opponent more than once on each of their listed points of contact and your three week time period elapses, you may default your opponent and you will receive your average points per match and the end of the season and your opponent will receive 0 points. If you do not complete your match or enter a forfeit online both players will receive 0 points. Neither opponent will receive points towards their points/hole average.

Q: If my partner cannot play a match against another team, can I find a substitute to play for him or her?

A: No, substitutes are not allowed during team play. Both members must play each match.

Q: How do I know who my opponent is at the golf course?

A: When you arrive at the golf course, check in with the pro shop and ask if your opponent has arrived. Ensure you bring your opponent's contact information to the golf course should you need to contact him or her.

Q: What if my opponent no shows?

A: If your opponent does not show, choose forfeit from the post score pop up dialog. You will receive your average points per match at the season's end for the match and your opponent will receive 0 points. Neither opponent will receive points towards their points/hole average.

Q: What happens if my opponent and I do not finish our match due to darkness or to another inhibitor?

A: If you have completed more than 9 holes but less than 18 holes, players must take their 9 hole score and enter scores as a 9 hole match. If less than 9 holes are completed, players must reschedule their match.

Q: What happens if I am out of town for several weeks in a row but want to get all of my matches in for the season?

A: You can schedule your matches at any point in time prior to the due date. If you know you will not be available for a match, you can attempt to schedule the match before the match start date.

Q: Will standings be posted on the web?

A: Standings will continuously be updated on the website.

Q: How do I gain entry into the End of Season Tournament?

A: If you finish at the top of your bracket by accumulating the most points, you will qualify for the End of Season tournament. You can also qualify for the End of Season tournament through quality play resulting in a high points/hole average.

Q: What are the prizes for the individual and team winners?

A: Great prizes are awarded to the bracket winners and top finishers at the Season Ending Tournament

Q: Can I join in mid season?

A: You may not register past the registration deadlines listed.

Q: What happens if I have a question that is not listed here?

A: Feel free to contact at any time with any questions, concerns, or comments.