Individual: The Golf League is a new concept in competitive golf available only to Golf Club members. It is designed for men and women members of all ages and ability. Registration will end two weeks prior to the season’s start date. Each season’s membership registration fee is $40.

Team: As an alternative or an addition to the individual format, you may sign up with a friend, acquaintance or partner and compete against other two man teams in a handicapped or non-handicapped best ball format.
 Registration will end two weeks prior to the season’s start date. Each season’s membership registration fee $80, $40 per player.

To register for the Golf League, go to the registration tab and fill out the necessary information requested. In previous years, the league charged the players after the season was completed. This year, the league will charge players at the start of the season. It is important to complete the registration information accurately and honestly as this information will be portrayed on your player profile page and will determine your flight and bracket.

Once registered, the Golf League will flight you according to your USGA handicap and bracket you based on your geographical location/preferred course. You must have a USGA handicap and a valid GHIN number to join any of the handicapped divisions. If you do not have a valid USGA handicap, you can compete in any of the non-handicapped divisions by submitting an average score. The goal of the Golf League is to ensure fair and convenient competition for players of any ability anywhere within the Golf League. Once you enter your GHIN number into the registration section your current GHIN handicap will appear just as it currently appears in the GHIN computers.

Prior to the beginning of the first match, all player profile pages will be updated with the current season’s schedule. From the player profile page, Golf League members will be able to view match schedules and opponent contact information.

Once you receive your schedule you will have 14 weeks to complete 7 regular-season matches (1 match per 2 weeks) at the time and golf course of your choice. All Individual matches will be match play, all Team matches will be best ball and handicaps will be used in the handicapped division to determine net scores. Unlike regular match play where a match may end with three holes remaining, the Golf League requires you to complete the remainder of the round in order to post a Gross Score. You will have the option of playing a 9- or 18-hole round on any ClubCorp golf course that you or your opponent chooses. For every match there will be a designated home player or team, and they are required to keep score and post the holes won, lost and tied, as well as a gross score for both players on the Golf League website.

As matches are played and scores are posted, your bracket standings will automatically update on the matches tab as well as the flight standings on the leaderboard tab.

The goal of each match is to accumulate as many points as possible to qualify for the Season Ending Tournament where the league champions for each flight will be crowned. The league member with the most points in each bracket will automatically qualify for the Season Ending Tournament. If you do not finish at the top of your bracket, you will still have an opportunity to compete in the Season Ending Tournament if you earned a high points per hole average relative to other competitors in your flight. The purpose of the points per hole average is to give players who narrowly miss winning their bracket an opportunity to play in the Season Ending Tournament.

The tables below illustrate how points will be awarded:

  Points Per Hole
Win 1.0
Tie 0.5
Loss 0.0


  Points for 18 Hole Match
Win 4.0
Tie 2.0
Loss 1.0

To ensure all matches are fair and equal for all players, handicaps will be used for each match in all handicapped divisions. Prior to beginning your match, look up each player’s handicap index in the GHIN system at your golf course of choice. Once each index is obtained, view the course chart located in the pro shop and calculate each players course handicap based on the tees that the match will be played from. Using indexes to determine course handicaps will equalize a match between players who usually play from different tees. Please consult the local course pro if you have questions regarding the determination of each player’s course handicap. Subtract the lower handicap from the higher handicap to find how many shots the disadvantaged player receives during the match. All shots must be distributed based on the toughest handicap holes. When posting a score to the Golf League website the number of holes won, tied and lost as well as the gross score for each player must be entered. Points will be determined by the number of holes won, tied and lost. Each player’s gross score will then be posted to GHIN as a tournament score. If you have any questions regarding scoring the Golf League Customer Service can answer any of your questions or concerns at anytime. For questions, send an e-mail to or call 770.274.0737. Please allow 72 hours for a response.

Click for information on match play from different tees (PDF).