Each Golf League season is 14 weeks long with two (2) weeks allotted to complete each match. Each member’s schedule will be located under the My Matches tab once they are logged into the Golf League website. Members have two (2) weeks to complete each of their seven (7) matches. However, if members want to play their matches ahead of schedule and their opponents agree to it, they are welcome to do so. To maintain privacy, only the member and his or her opponents will be able to view contact information. Members will be provided with their opponent’s e-mail and primary phone number at a minimum, and possibly a secondary phone number. An effort must be made by both members to contact each other seven (7) days prior to the start date of each match. This way all matches can be scheduled in advance without worrying about tee time availability and an agreeable time for both Members to play can be agreed upon.

To ensure tee time availability, Members must schedule all matches at least five (5) days in advance of their match at the agreed upon golf course. If playing at your home cluster, Members should contact the proshop, book through online tee times or through the mobile app. If you are a Member with O.N.E. benefits and wish to use your complimentary green fee for your match play, you must email or call the ClubLine to make your reservation. If there is a dispute about where to play the match, the designated home course player has the final say. The Golf League asks its members to be flexible with course scheduling and mindful of their opponent’s needs and limitations.

Members have the choice of playing a 9- or 18-hole match. If there is a dispute about the number of holes to play, players must play 9 holes. This is to ensure that all Golf League members are given the flexibility of time needed to complete all matches. It is critical for all members to complete all matches to ensure a fair and accurate league. It is unfair to all Members if matches are not completed.

Make-up Time

Members are allowed an extension to complete each match. Because of the unpredictability of weather and unforeseen circumstances, members are given a grace period to complete each match. However, this grace period is not designed for a player who has not made an effort to contact or get back to their opponent to play a match. All scores must be submitted by the end of the make-up time or else both players will be defaulted. If a default occurs, then neither player or team receives any points and their points per hole average will be unaffected.