Handicap Rules and Posting Scores

To ensure all matches are fair and equal for all players, course handicaps are used for each match in all handicap divisions. In team play, prior to beginning your match, look up each player’s handicap index in the GHIN system at your Golf Course of choice. Once each index is obtained, view the course chart located in the pro shop and calculate each player’s course handicap based on the tees that the match will be played from. Using indexes to determine course handicaps will equalize a match between players who usually play from different tees. Please consult the local course pro if you have questions regarding the determination of each player’s course handicap. The player with the lowest USGA handicap will be used as the benchmark. From here, subtract the lowest handicap from the other three players’ handicaps to determine how many shots will be awarded to the disadvantaged players. All shots must be distributed based on the toughest handicap holes.

To ensure fairness, the Golf League has integrated its website with GHIN score posting so that all gross scores entered on the website will be posted to GHIN as a tournament score. In the event that a player does not complete a hole or picks up on a hole, the Golf League will abide by the USGA rules for adjusting hole scores for equitable stroke control. Equitable stroke control is an adjustment of individual hole scores (for handicap purposes) in order to make handicaps more representative of a player’s potential ability. Equitable stroke control is applied after the round and is only used when the actual score or the most likely score exceeds a player’s maximum number. Equitable stroke control sets a limit to the number of strokes a player can take on a hole depending on their course handicap.

Course Handicap: Maximum Number:
9 or Less Double Bogey
10-19 7
20-29 8
30-39 9
40 and Above 10


If you are competing in the non-handicap divisions and you pick up on a hole your score for that hole will be a 9.

Golf League members should agree upon scores at the completion of a match. Once both players or teams have agreed the home player or team is responsible for posting the scores to the Golf League website. Remember that the Gross scores entered for each player will automatically be posted to the appropriate GHIN account as a tournament score.

The USGA updates handicap indexes every two weeks in Georgia and Colorado and monthly in Texas.

It is the home player’s or home team’s responsibility to report scores online within the published time period. Late scoring entries will not be accepted. Both players will receive zero points if match results are not reported by the deadline date. If this is a problem, make sure to contact the away player and have them enter the scores. It is imperative that all matches are scores are entered by their deadline date to ensure the league is operating at maximum efficiency for all the members. Flight and bracket standings will not be nearly as exciting and entertaining if matches and scores are reported late. Thus, the Golf League does not allow late scoring entries unless cleared by the league office first.