The Golf League will flight all members based on his or her official USGA handicap or average score. Team flights will be based on the team’s cumulative handicap or average score.


All brackets will consist of 6 – 12 members. Brackets of 8: all members within each bracket will play each other once during the regular season. Other bracket sizes will be matched randomly. The brackets will be organized by a few factors: A member’s residential address will be the number one factor that drives which bracket he or she is placed in. This is to ensure that all matches can be played close to home and cuts back on commute time to and from the course. When many members in one flight live near each other, the Golf League will use the preferred course chosen to further determine a flights bracket.

Withdrawn Players

If for some reason a player has withdrawn from the Golf League during the season, then the remainder of their matches will result in forfeits and all remaining players on their schedule will be rewarded their average points won per match at the completion of the season.