Incomplete Matches

The Golf League with its two-week allotment per match, make-up time and 9-hole option strives to provide every opportunity possible to ensure on-time completion of its members matches. On-time completion and on-time scoring entry of matches is critical to providing an enjoyable experience for all Golf League members. With that said, the Golf League understands that there are sometimes extenuating circumstances that are out of the Member’s control. Please be mindful of the Golf League policy regarding incomplete matches due to extenuating circumstances such as bad weather.

Incomplete Match Policy - If players have completed more than 9 holes, but less than 18, players must take their 9-hole result and enter scores as a 9-hole match. If less than 9 holes are completed, players must reschedule their match or finish at a later time.


There are a number of situations that can cause a forfeiture of a Golf League match. If a member is unable to contact an opponent after repeated attempts and after seven days past the start date have elapsed without response, he or she may forfeit an opponent.

Opponent Doesn't Show

If an opponent arrives at a scheduled match more than 30 minutes later without contacting his or her opponent, see forfeits for more details.

If the “no show” calls and wishes to make up the match, then it is up to the member who has shown ups discretion. The match can be rescheduled and played if the player chooses not to forfeit their opponent.

Inclement Weather

Please review the Incomplete Match Policy for rules regarding inclement weather. The Golf League reserves the right to extend due dates of any of the seven matches during a season should weather greatly affect the entire league.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Golf is a gentleman’s/gentlewoman’s game and we expect all of our members to act accordingly. Please report all acts of such bad behavior i.e. verbal or physical abuse, cheating, etc…to the league office so we can take the appropriate action. If such things go unreported, we are unable to do anything.