Dayton Racquet Club offers many classes and programs to keep Members in shape.

Group Exercise and Aerobic Programs 

  • Spinning:  30-45 minute cardio class that includes strength training using the spin bikes
  • Total body conditioning:  45-minute conditioning class that combines several elements of fitness training:  flexibility, cardio, weight training, core strength and plyometrics
  • Zumba:  45 minute fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow moves to create a one-of-a-kind fitness program
  • Mat pilates:  45 minute exercise class to improve flexibility, core conditioning and balance
  • Yoga adventure:  45 minute intense yoga designed to tighten and tone the muscles and to improve flexibility
  • Core conditioning:  15 minute workout that strengthens the muscles of the abdominals and torso 

Fit Quest 

Designed specifically for our new Members, Fit Quest gets you started on the right path as you embark upon your fitness journey by providing a comprehensive and personal introduction to the Club's fitness services.  The program can be as detailed as desired, from goal setting to a full analysis of your current health and fitness status.  This program is provided at no charge.  Fit Quest includes a health questionnaire, goal setting consultation, fitness assessment, program orientation and an equipment orientation.  We recommend that you be sure to schedule your Fit Quest appointment as soon as possible.  It is the best way to get to know the ins and outs of athletics as well as to meet the staff and fellow Members of the Club. 

Personal Training 

Get fit – look good – feel better.  Those are the bottom line results you want, and personal training is the best way to get them.  Our certified instructors assess your needs and then partner with you to safely and efficiently custom design a program that gets you to your goals.  All DRC personal trainers are fully certified and must meet rigorous requirements that include education, comprehensive knowledge of exercise, nutrition and safety to ensure you receive the most professional training possible.  All trainers are CPR certified. 

Fitness is a journey and it helps to have focus on your trip.  Working with you, a personal trainer provides the motivation, education and experience needed to succeed.  A trainer can design a plan to get you started, choose the proper exercises and modify things along the road to adapt to your changing fitness level and goals.  The results are a happier, healthier, better looking you. 

Dayton Racquet Club has a variety of rates and packages available.  You can train individually or with a buddy. 

Locker Rooms 

A complete Men's and Ladies' Locker Facility are available with separate sauna, steam room, showers, grooming area and lounges.  Grooming areas for both Men and Ladies are luxuriously appointed with complimentary toiletries and towel service.  Monthly locker rental is available with nightly laundry service.  Complimentary day lockers are provided for use while in the Fitness Center. 

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