Hear What Others Are Saying 

“East Lake Woodland’s personal training program is the best experience and results I’ve had with a personal trainer. Their expert’s (Tanya Carden) knowledge and ability to adapt workouts, on the spot, based on the aches and pains of daily life is highly recommended for anyone looking to improve their fitness.”
- S. Lewis


“I initially started training with Mike Tool solely for instruction on exercises for an ailing back. At that time, I saw no real need (or value) for professional training and hence had no intention of this being anything more than temporary physical therapy. Now, 10 years later, I still find myself looking forward to our weekly training sessions! What I came to realize was that, while I might think I know how to use gym equipment, there is absolutely no comparison to the quality and result of the workout when under the supervision of a highly knowledgeable professional trainer such as Mike. Equally as important, I have found that as I get older, learning proper technique is absolutely essential as using the wrong technique is a recipe for injury. And speaking of getting older, as I look forward this coming year to my 65th birthday, I can thank Mike Tool for the fact that I can still do a vigorous 10K bike ride to my office, see patients all day and then ride home!”
- A. Polin


“My husband, John, and I were Social Members for about one year when the new gym opened. John decided to start with a personal trainer and I decided to work out on my own. John started training with Joey about three months ago. They meet for one hour twice a week and, although the focus wasn't on golf, John saw improvement in his golf game shortly after starting training. Joey is great at identifying an individual's needs and proceeding to strengthen them. I tried working out on my own, but I realized I could accomplish a lot more with Joey guiding me. I started training with him for one hour a week and thoroughly enjoy the experience. He is great at teaching me how to work out properly and gain more strength, flexibility and balance. We plan to continue our training with Joey well into 2017.”
- J & C. Geheb


“I have been taking personal training sessions with Morgan for about three weeks, and I'm very pleased with how knowledgeable she is. Her workouts have challenged me and I would recommend her to others to get in shape. I have really enjoyed the spin classes I've attended and plan to continue. I'm starting to see results! Thank you!”
- C. Arcuri