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Swim competitively for East Lake Woodlands

The East Lake Woodlands swim team is a member of the Pinellas Aquatic League (PAL). During each week of the season (May – August), swimmers have the opportunity to compete in dual meets with other teams in the PAL. Our team also competes in several larger sanctioned meets. Meet participation is encouraged but not required as a team member. We also have many fun events including a July Watermelon-themed party.


We proudly offer private swim lessons for members and non-members here at East Lake. Lessons are available Monday - Firday and can be scheduled by calling our Aquatics Director, Juslin Lewis at 727.785.2212 or by email at (she will respond as quickly as possible). We also have small group lessons available upon request. 

Level I (ages 3-5) 

Basic Water Adjustment:  Blowing bubbles, face in water for count of ten, floating on front & back with support, supported front and back glide, kicking with support, begin to paddle, sit dive, assisted jump and turn to get wall with assistance, get dive sticks from steps

Level II (ages 3-6)

Paddling:  Front and Back float, front and back glide, kicking on front and back without support, adding arms to front and back (long reaches and pulls), quick breaths, jumping into water & recover to side, retrieving objects from bottom of pool, knee dive

Advanced Level II

Paddling with roll over breathing: Tuck float, Survival float, long reaches and pulls, roll over breathing, modified back stroke, elementary back stroke, introduce free style, knee dive, and retrieve objects from bottom of pool

Level III

Basic Swimming Skills:  Side glide, free style with rhythmic breathing, backstroke, introduced breaststroke, standing dive in deep water, and tread water

Level IV

Refining Swimming Skills:  Improving freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, introduce/improve butterfly, racing starts/turns


Tailored to individual

Contact us to find out more about swimming at East Lake Woodlands.