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PGA Director of Instruction

Morgan has been around the game of golf for over 15 years, starting at the age of 10 in Santa Rosa, California. Morgan played golf in high school and worked at four different courses throughout high school and college while working towards a degree in public relations. Morgan has developed an uncanny ability to find the root cause of swing fundamentals/mismatches that need addressing and how to properly communicate that message to his students.

Morgan is a Class A PGA member and his passion for the game is contagious. He exemplifies a positive attitude that transcends into all facets of the game, from the mental preparation to the execution of demanding shots.

Morgan is a certified Titleist ClubFitter and enjoys helping people find the right equipment to help facilitate a more consistent golf game. 

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Lesson Rates

Individual Adult

  • 30 minute | $55
  • 60 minute | $100
  • 3/60 minute | $270
  • 6/60 minute | $510
  • 12/60 minute | $960

Junior Rates

  • 30 minute | $45
  • 60 minute | $85
  • 3/60 minute | $235
  • 6/60 minute | $440
  • 12/60 minute | $840