When Mr. Fair Sr. was 14 years old, he ran away from home in California to work in the oil business. In the 1920's, he went to Germany and Russia to help them develop oil refineries. In World War II, all of the refineries were bombed and Germany took over. This is when he came to Texas and started developing oil refineries here. He married a lady from California and they had three children. They were all educated in Europe and are deceased now. Mr. Fair moved to Dallas, Texas and married his second wife. They bought this ranch in 1939 when it was a small house. There was a fire in the '50's. This is when they remodeled it into a 13,000-square-foot home. Ralph Jr. grew up here and had three daughters. In 1978, the first clubhouse was opened which is now our tennis shop. In 1980, Ralph Jr. built his house and moved out of the Ranch House and made it into what is now Fair Oaks Ranch Golf & Country Club. The Club opened in November of 1978. In 1987, Ralph Jr. sold the Club to Robert Dedman, then the owner of ClubCorp of America.

Golf Shop

This building looks like a garage because it was the carriage house where Mr. Fair stored his carriages. Above the garage is where the caretaker lived and now functions as our accounting offices. In the breezeway is where the maid's quarters were located. In the house to the left of the golf shop was the gardener's house. We use this for golf club storage for our Members.


This was Mrs. Fair's original greenhouse. This also has a fireplace.


This is between the greenhouse and the golf shop. We now use this for storage.

Battle Intense Monument

Mr. Fair raised Pole Herefords (these are the red & white cows with no horns.) This monument was for Mr. Fair's favorite Hereford. He buried all of his special animals here on his Ranch. This monument was brought to the club house with Mr. Fair's approval. Battle Intense is the Men's Golf Association's largest invitational of the year.


The boardroom was Mrs. Fair's bedroom; the offices were the dressing rooms. The membership director's office was Mrs. Fair's dressing room. The event coordinator's office was a bathroom.

Men's Locker Room

This was the only room added on when the house was turned into the Club.

Mixed Grill

This was the master bedroom. You can eat inside or out every day from 11 am to 9 pm. This is casual dining and no reservations are needed.

Pine Room

This was the breakfast room. There are service bells on the walls and there is one on the floor, now covered with carpet. This room is now used for fine dining.

Trophy Room

This was Mr. Fair's game room. There are the original pool table lights and pool sticks in this room. Mr. Fair used to have gambling upon occasion and when he saw the law coming up the drive, he would hide his poker tables in his hideaway slot behind the double doors. One of Mr. Fair's friends was Clark Gable. Now this room is used for fine dining.


The basement was Mr. Fair's winery, meat storage and family room. It has the largest fireplace in the house.

Main Bar

This is located between the sitting area, which was the Fair's living room and the Veranda, then a porch.

Main Dining Room

This was Mr. and Mrs. Fair's formal living room that still have the original chandeliers. There is a piece of carpet that comes up, when removed it becomes a dance floor. A local German who lived in Boerne carved the wood trim. The walls are 21-1/2 inches thick. The doors on each side of the fireplace were designed for the Fair's to step out on and greet their guests.


This used to be two bedrooms with an open porch. The wall has been taken out, a bar put in and the porch enclosed.


The ballroom was built in the early 90's. We use this for New Year's, banquets, etc. It holds 180 people with tables or 380 chairs.


This was the Fair's front porch. This is the most popular eating area among our Members.

Outside Veranda

The Deck provides a place for dances, parties & BBQs. The pool on the left was Mrs. Fair's. She swam laps daily. The pool on the right is our family pool. This is a junior Olympic-sized lap pool with six lanes and a diving board.

Poolside Grill

This was the Fair's guesthouse.

Tennis Shop

Tennis has its own locker rooms, which were the bedrooms of the guesthouse. There are 13 lighted tennis courts.

Golf Courses

There are a total of 36 holes. Both courses are a full 18 holes. Our greens are tiff dwarf bermuda and our turf and fairways are overseeded with winter rye 85% of the year.

Live Oak

Looking out the Veranda - Live Oak starts on the right-hand side with hole No. 1, leading around counter-clockwise with hole No. 10 on the left side. There is a putting green, driving range and chipping green just outside the Tavern, then finally the 18th hole.


This course is on the opposite side of the road in front of the club.

Putting Greens

There are two putting greens: one is outside the Tavern and the other is across the street at Blackjack.