Join us for Exciting Tournaments and Events at The Clubs of Peachtree City presented by The PTC Golf Academy

We believe to have fun at golf you have to play the game with your friends and family in an environment that is welcoming and challenges the golfer at their skill level. We have many different events through the year including our quarterly parent junior tournaments, our PTC Junior Tour series, PGA junior league, Drive Chip & Putt and Club Corp Junior Tour -   Check back often to see these great events. 

PTC Junior Tour Series:These Tournaments are open to ages 7 - 16 and is an extension of our Junior Golf 365 Coaching Program in PTC. For a junior to advance in our Junior Golf 365 hat system, he or she has to play in our Junior Developmental Tour where they play 9 holes Saturday or Sunday afternoon with a parent or grandparent caddying. Unlike other sports where you play matches, games, or scrummages right away, golf has been set up that you only play tournaments when you are a “good golfer." Well how are you meant to get good if you can’t play tournaments? This is why we created a junior tour where our players can learn how to play the game with their friends and little pressure on a course they can succeed with lots of fun and prizes.

2018 Schedule

This year's schedule will be available shortly.

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Contact Chris Knobloch at 770.402.8749 for more information about our program.