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Date: Tue, Apr 2, 2013
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Is Beauty Only Skin Deep?

Better Fitness is Key to Achieving your

Best Overall Appearance

By Carol Ordemann (Gleneagles Fitness Instructor)

The popularity of quick-fix cosmetic procedures to improve

our appearance, and fight the signs of aging, has led us to

focus on our appearance above the neck.

Quick procedures and skincare products produce instant

gratification in this highly visible area and it becomes very

easy to overlook the need for longer-term improvements

in our bodies where problems can be disguised easily under

the clothing.

But our fitness level is equally important in our overall

appearance and more importantly to our health and


While we are rewarded with a self-esteem boost when we

achieve a beautiful, youthful face, we should not ignore the

long-term consequences of neglecting the body, which

will become unhealthy if fitness is overlooked. Our bodies

deserve as much time and attention as we devote to putting

our best faces forward.

Getting in shape often requires equally or more time and

effort than a cosmetic procedure or intervention, but the

benefits are enormous and long-lasting. The rewards include

improved confidence, increased energy, taking years off

your appearance and possibly adding years to your life!

Fitness requires some effort and planning, but there are no

disadvantages to working out. There are so many options for

staying in shape – from classes, gym workouts, running, biking,

tennis and even walking – that there is something for everyone

who wants to tone up or slim down. Fitness can be fun!

So take the first step, however small, to start an exercise

program. The path will lead you to a body that is as fabulous as your face.