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The Lowcountry Rice Culture Project with Jonathan Green

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Date: Sat, Oct 6, 2012
Time: 6:00pm - 9:00pm
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The Lowcountry Rice Culture Project
with Jonathan Green

Saturday, October 6
6:00pm Dinner Begins

Enjoy an intimate dinner with local artist Jonathan Green as he speaks about his latest venture.  Attendees will enjoy Chef Travis' 3 Course Menu for $35.00.  This is exclusively for Members and their guests.

Harbour Club's Programs Committee brings this famous Charleston artist into your Club to speak about rice and it's history in Charleston. 

Most often we think of the roots of Lowcountry society as the vast
white-owned plantations and the sophisticated cultural and social life they supported. What we have come to appreciate more in recent years is how totally reliant this social-economic structure was on the knowledge, skills, and labor of African slaves and on the culture they created to sustain themselves as a community.

What we have historically is, on the one hand, what we might call the "capitalist" contribution of white plantation owners: the vast investment in land and slave labor, and the creation of the physical and institutional infrastructure that made a plantation economy possible. And on the other hand, the contribution of African Americans: from the rice seeds, to the knowledge of how and when to water fields, to the incredibly vicious toil of clearing the swamps and forests and creating the rice fields. Both "economic" elements were indispensable to creating the scale of wealth on which Lowcountry society was based.

It is the particular beauty and strength of Jonathan Green’s vision of a Rice Culture that, while at the same time opening our eyes to the depth, beauty, and pervasiveness of Gullah Geechee culture, it also it forces us to acknowledge that the culture and society we have in the Lowcountry today springs from a shared heritage that is part black and part white.

Mr. Green is starting with a program to use the visual fine arts created by contemporary African-American and Euro-American arts to illustrate the historical life of Gullah Geechee people of the Lowcountry, as well as their many contributions to the richness of our culture today. Initially he envisions exhibitions for these visual arts in cultural centers and museums in Charleston and around the region. These will serve as a forum for developing other expressions of art, music, dance, and theater. An early event will be a forum on the Rice Culture hosted by the College of Charleston in 2013.

For reservations, please contact your Club Receptionist at 843.723.9680!