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Dress Code
It is expected that Members will choose to dress in a fashion befitting the surroundings and atmosphere provided in the setting of the Club. It is also expected that Members will advise their guests of Club dress requirements. Specific dress requirements for various events may be posted.
Club management may waive from time to time the dress standards for the Club for special activities and functions.

Fazio’s Bar & Grille
Mock-necks, turtlenecks and appropriate collar-less shirts, collared shirts; pants, mid length khaki shorts, denim jeans that are not frayed, cut or modified in any way, nylon warm up suits, approved golf attire, hats (forward– facing) are permitted in the Grille. Foot attire must be worn: leather sandals, dress sandals, dress and athletic shoes.
Not permitted attire includes: men’s T-shirts, athletic tank tops, athletic shorts and cotton sweat pants.
**No children or anyone under 18 after 9 pm**

Windows on the Green (Main Dining Room)
Collared shirts, mock necks, turtlenecks, pants, mid length shorts, denim jeans that are not frayed, cut or modified in any way.
Not permitted attire includes: tank tops, athletic work out gear, sweat pants and hats. Men must wear closed toe shoes in the dining room.
**No Children or anyone under 18 after 9 pm**

Only suitable attire as may be determined by the Tennis Director and/ or Athletic Director.
Men: Clean, comfortable exercise clothing including –shirts, gym shorts, warm up suits, socks and sneakers.
Women: Leotards, tights, warm up suits, T-shirts, appropriate shorts, socks and sneakers. Swim suit cover-ups must be worn at all times inside the TAC.

Tennis Courts: colors are permitted; regulations tennis shoes are required. 
Not permitted: cut-offs, Bermuda shorts, bathing suits, gym shorts, pants, running shorts, halter tops or cross-training shoes, basketball shoes or flip flops.

Not permitted: No flip flops or Docksiders, while in cardio-rooms or on tennis courts; no inappropriate slogan T-shirts, men’s sleeveless shirts. No denim is allowed on the tennis courts. Shorts with un-hemmed edges and clothing containing metal of any kind. Shirts must be worn at all times outside the locker rooms.

Golf Course and Range:
Men: Shirts with collars or mock-collar and sleeves, slacks and golf shorts up to four inches above the knee are considered appropriate. Shirts must be tucked in; hats must be worn forward. Non-spike golf shoes required.
Not permitted: cut offs, tank tops, fishnet tops, bathing suits, tennis shorts or other athletic shorts, denim or sweat pants.
Ladies: Dresses, skirts, slacks, golf shorts up to four inches above the knee and blouses are considered appropriate. Non-spike golf shoes are required.
Not permitted: tank tops, T-shirts, denim, sweat pants or tennis attire.