Lonnie E. Shelton, III

Personal Trainer
Lonnie E. Shelton, III - Las Colinas Country Club - Irving - TX

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Lonnie E. Shelton, III

Lonnie E. Shelton, III - Las Colinas Country Club - Irving - TX
Role:Personal Trainer
Serving Since:2010

As a certified personal fitness trainer, Lonnie offers effective and affordable training that will challenge and encourage his clients to reach their personal fitness goals.  Lonnie has a Bachelor of Science degree in Therapeutic Recreation and has been nationally certified by the National Exercise Sports Training Association (NESTA). 

Lonnie‚Äôs background in professional baseball and boxing led to his decision to enter the field of fitness training.  His areas of expertise are weight loss, muscle toning, cardiovascular, and strength training, with a specialty in boxing.  Lonnie stays current with the most innovative styles and techniques to provide his clients with the most effective methods to reach their goals. 

Lonnie is passionate about fitness and overall health and strives to educate and inspire his clients to achieve their highest level of fitness.