Bridget Daigle

Role:Personal Trainer
Serving Since:2014

Bridget is from Troy, New York. Her passion for health and fitness arose from a back injury she sustained over 20 years ago. Through rigorous rehab and continuous flexibility training, she learned the importance of being able to tailor exercise routines for the various needs of her clients.

After moving to Texas from upstate New York, Bridget decided to turn her passion into profession, and obtained her personal training certification from ISSA. Bridget is also a certified nutritionist specialist, and she believes that nutrition is the foundation of every fitness program. She excels at helping everyone interested in a healthier lifestyle; ranging from fitness veterans seeking an edge, to those new to working-out or anyone frustrated with their lack of progress.

Bridget has 15 years of experience training individuals, couples and groups, as well as various classes and training camps. She has extensive experience in functional training, flexibility training and nutritional counseling. She has worked with clients aged 16 to 85 and often helps individuals rehabilitate from injury/surgery.

After working at several fitness facilities in the region, Bridget is truly excited to be a part of the Club Corp family and Las Colinas Country Club.