The FreeMotion Equipment Line

The philosophy behind FreeMotion strength training is based on simulating everyday movements by allowing the user to determine a more personal path of motion. FreeMotion equipment is ideal for sport specific training, rehabilitation training, and everything in between due to its capability of being used in a traditional fixed manner as well as in the unrestricted methods of real-life movements. FreeMotion's innovative 17-piece Selectorized Circuit includes the Chest, Shoulder, Bicep, Tricep, Overhead Tricep, Row, Lat, Cable Cross, Calf, Hamstring (seated or standing), Quad (seated or standing), Squat, Abdominal, Lift and Step. FreeMotion also offers a six-piece PlateLoaded Circuit. 

FreeMotion Fitness

The FreeMotion line of selectorized equipment boasts significant advances in both design and engineering, providing the flexibility to perform both isolation training and functional exercises. FreeMotion Fitness, the commercial division of the world's largest fitness manufacturer Icon Health and Fitness, is the front-runner in providing cutting-edge fitness equipment. Since its beginnings in 1999, Icon Health and Fitness has placed equipment in more than 2000 domestic fitness facilities and in over 40 countries worldwide and having helped facilities succeed by accommodating members of all fitness levels.