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Certification Soup

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Date: Thu, Mar 13, 2014
Time: 7:30am - 9:30am
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Certification Soup 
What M/W/DBE (and more!) Mean for Businesses Large and Small
Whether you’re starting a business and curious about becoming certified, or a large firm needing to find qualified small business partners, this event is for you.  Our panel will discuss the ‘fine print’ that can slay an application, how best to utilize a certification to grow your business, and how large firms can cull through lists of certified companies to find the best fit for your contract.  

The panel will feature:
Lema Khorshid, one of the founding partners at Fuksa Khorshid, LLC.  As an attorney servicing small to mid-sized businesses, Lema has guided many local businesses through the M/W/DBE certification process and will discuss not only how to be prepared, but also the pitfalls that can sink an application. 

Eileen Kent, the “Federal Sales Sherpa,” who understands the value that small businesses bring to large contracts.  Eileen will address how to connect with prime contractors seeking firms with certifications, and how primes can find the best qualifying small firms for their contracts. 
Keith Searles, the founder and President of Urban GIS, an M/DBE firm providing GIS and planning services.  Keith will discuss how to best utilize the certification to network and build business. 
Grace Rink, President and CEO of Quercus Consulting, a W/DBE environmental policy firm.  Grace will moderate the panel and discuss the process and benefits of seeking certification across state lines.