Dress Code

The Club and the Board of Governors have adopted the following guidelines. This guideline is intended to ensure that all Members have a pleasant atmosphere in which to enjoy the club’s facilities and services. Compliance with the dress guidelines by family and guests is the responsibility of our Members. Club management has been advised to politely deny services or access to Club facilities to any Member or guest not in compliance with this policy. The Club will have available day shirts/jackets, and slacks to be provided to those not in adherence to these guidelines.

Please understand that these guidelines were adopted to promote a proper Club environment. The purpose of the Club’s dress code is not to dictate fashion, but rather simply to establish a standard of tasteful and traditional dress that will ensure an atmosphere of dignity and respect for fellow Members. The following dress definitions will be specified for Club functions, which may include deviations from these polices. If ever in doubt about suitable attire for any specific event, or in any area of the club, please contact the Member Services desk.

Main Dining Room

  • Lunch &  Endless Pastabilities  - Casual
  • Prime Rib Night  & Ala Carte Dinner -  Business Casual


Lunch & Dinner  - Casual


Lunch & Dinner  - Casual & tennis attire

Club Events

Lunch & Dinner - Will be specifically indicated

Dress Guidelines


Golf attire, tennis attire, business attire with neatly pressed, properly fitting slacks with appropriate shirt with collar or mock collar. Tasteful, properly fitted denim is permitted. Denim is inclusive of jeans, skirts and shirts. Frayed, mottled, cutoff or grunge denims are not considered tasteful. Shirts shall always be tucked in with the exception of full front button down shirts, which may be worn untucked. Sleeveless tennis shirts are not permitted to be worn.

Business Casual

Sport Coats are recommended but not required with collared or mock collared shirts and neatly pressed and properly fitted slacks. Ties are optional. Women may wear dresses and skirts, business suits, pants suits and dress slacks with appropriate tops. Semi-Formal Jackets and ties for gentlemen, including business suits or blazer with tie and dress slacks. For women, dresses and skirts, business suits, formal pants suits, and dress pants with appropriate tops. Boys under the age of 12 are not required to wear jackets, but must comply with all other requirements.


The dress code may be relaxed in the case of special parties, Club events, themed events, costume or otherwise, but only where announcements of such events specifically provide the dress may be other than what is defined or an area of the Club.

Golf Course

Mission Hills Country Club’s courses are among the best in the country. We take pride in this. This pride should reflect itself in our attire when we play on our courses. All Members, including juniors, must follow the dress code while on the golf course and all practice facilities. Members are expected to inform their guests of the dress code in advance so as to avoid embarrassment of being asked to comply.

Men’s and Boys Golf Attire 

All golf shirts must have a collar or mock collar. Golf shirts must be tucked in at all times. Full front button down shirts are permitted to be worn untucked. Traditional “Bermuda” shorts are permitted, but they must be no shorter than four inches from the middle of the knee as measured while standing. All hats, visors, and caps must be worn with the bills to the front.  Hats, visors and caps may be worn in the Clubhouse only during daytime hours.

Women and Girls Golf Attire

Golf shirts may have shorts sleeves, long sleeves or sleeveless. Shirts without collars must have sleeves. Any type of tank top or halter-top is not permitted. Traditional “Bermuda” shorts, golf skirts, culottes, and slacks are permitted, but they must be no shorter than four inches from the middle of the knee while standing.

All Golfers 

Denim jeans, cargo pants/shorts, athletic shorts and sweat clothes are not appropriate golf attire. Only approved golf shoes with non-penetrating spikes or sneakers are permitted. The changing of shoes and/or clothes should be done in the locker rooms. Neatness in dress is always a prerequisite and extremely important.

Tennis Attire

Proper tennis attire must be worn while on the tennis courts.  This includes collared shirts and non-collared micro-fiber shirts, sleeveless “made for tennis” shirts, tennis shorts, and non-marking tennis shoes. Ladies may wear ladies tennis-wear, including collared shirts, sleeveless tennis shirts, tennis shorts, dresses, or skirts. Cotton tee shirts, cut-off shorts, sports bras, leotards, running shorts, running shoes and black-soled shoes are not allowed on the tennis courts.  

Swimming Pool

Appropriate swimwear is required at all times at the pool.


Players are to wear croquet whites, shirts with collars, slacks or Bermuda length shorts or modest length and flat-soled shoes. Foul weather gear of any color is permitted when appropriate.

If a supervisor or manager of the Club's staff decides that a member's and or guest, dress or appearance is not appropriate or appropriate as outlined in this policy, he or she may take corrective action.