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Fitness Class Schedule

Body Sculpt

This high-energy TOTAL BODY workout uses hand weights, bands, Swiss balls, and/or body resistance to tone and shape your muscles. You’ll increase strength and improve muscle tone, and gain endurance. The class begins with a warm up, about 40 minutes of body sculpting, and ends with an abdominal workout and stretching. 


Pilates is a discipline that enhances diverse athletic and recreational interests such as gardening, golf, tennis, biking, soccer, and football.  Whatever your activities entail, Pilates will enhance your performance.  All body types from the competitive athlete to the beginning exerciser can benefit from the Pilates method of exercise.  All levels are welcome!


A Latin dance fitness program designed for beginners to intermediate level. Burn 400-500 calories. Ditch the workout, join the fun.

West Coast Swing

Have fun learning how to partner dance to Pop, Rock and Roll, or R&B Music ~ upbeat and/or slow.

Low Impact

This is a class for all abilities, demonstrating correct and safe movements at all cardiovascular intensities. The end of the workout focuses on abdominal strengthening and overall body stretching.

Step 360 Pro

A combined workout of balance training, aerobic fitness and core training using the Step360 Pro device. This is the class which burns calories, cranks up your endurance and tools your body into a highly, efficient workout machine.


Yoga is easy enough for all ages, sizes, and fitness levels. It brings your life into balance and develops peace of mind with techniques that integrate the physical, mental, and spiritual. You will learn breathing techniques and skills for enhancing relaxation, concentration, and meditation to calm you and keep you centered in moments of stress. Vitality and energy gained in this class brings harmony to the mind and body.

Power Sculpt

Combo class which includes cardio warm up, full body weight training using weight bars, kettle bells, free weights, and resistance balls. A total body experience.