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Maureen Coyle - Membership Director - Pyramid Club – Philadelphia – PA  Maureen Coyle
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Membership Testimonial

The Pyramid Club continues to be a great experience that has proven to exceed expectations. The members are friendly, staff are welcoming and the view can only be described as exceptional. It is truly the one place in Philadelphia that I look forward to introducing to friends, colleagues and clients. -Chris Saunders, Pyramid Club Member

The Pyramid Club’s growing, vibrant and diverse membership is the foundation to its continued success.  Investing in a membership offers Members both professional growth and personal enjoyment.  The Club hosts a variety of monthly programming that consistently balances business-orientated, social and educational events.  Whether you are hosting an important business meeting or wish to use the Club as an extension of your office, you can be confident the Pyramid Club will always meet and exceed your needs and expectations.  The Club is also the perfect place to unwind, spend time with friends or family and enjoy that much needed time off.  Membership in the Pyramid Club is by invitation.

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Resident membership entitles Member and spouse to full Club privileges, and Social Member privileges at clubs within the ClubCorp network. 

Corporate Resident  

Only one individual can be designated for each membership.  Companies represented by two or more Members enjoy a reduction in initiation fees.  A company may purchase memberships and get the benefit of re-designation within the company for a nominal fee. 


This category is for Members whose residences and businesses are more than 50 miles from the Club.  Enjoy the same privileges as "Resident," and have access to many of the clubs in the ClubCorp network. 

Young Executive

We have several membership options for Members 39 years or younger.  Members have the same privileges as "Resident."