This year's Junior Club Championships will now be a 2 day event for both Singles & Doubles! The following divisions will be offered: 

  • 8-under (36' court Red Ball)
  • 10-under (60' court Orange Ball)
  • 12-under (full-court Regular Compression Ball)
  • 14-under
  • 16-under

The singles tournament will be a one day event on August 12th. The doubles event will follow on the 13th. Players can sign up for one event or both and if they are looking for a partner I will assist in getting them a partner. The minimum for each division is four players. The cost per event is $20. Trophies will go to the winners and finalists. To sign up please email me at

We are almost through the Singles Club Championships. Thanks to everyone who participated and congrats to our winners! The months of July & August is our Mixed Club Championships. The following divisions will be available:
Open (combined rating of 8.0 & above)Gold (combined rating of 7.5 & below)Senior (both players age 55 & above)
This will be a single elimination flex schedule draw as well. Teams will schedule their matches according to deadlines determined by the Director of Tennis. Once the match is scheduled, each team brings a can of balls to the match and the winning team keep the unopened can. Trophies will be given to the winners and finalists at the RCTA Season End event. The cost to participate is $20/person. There must be a minimum of 4 teams per division. Please sign up with me at to participate. The deadline to sign up is June 30th. The draws will be posted on July 1st.  

Here is a link to the Tennis Junior Development form:

Sign your kids up now for the summer classes! If you'd like to book something private in the morning that is also an option! Contact me at with any questions!

If you're looking to play some tennis in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere, be sure to head down to the river courts. They have been resurfaced and repainted to match the 4 courts by the fitness house. Members should notice that the cracks have been repaired, the courts have the US Open blue interior, and we have installed side fencing to help keep those tennis balls from escaping!


Just a quick reminder that if you have friends & colleagues that are interested in a new Golf Membership at River Creek, now is the time for them to act.With the current pace of new Golf Members joining River Creek, we will reach capacity very soon. Please don't let your friends & colleagues wait to have to join until the end of the season because your Club is full: Sponsor them today and start playing Golf with them tomorrow!

Remember, by Sponsoring a new Golf Member today, you and your newly enrolled Golf Member will receive a $150 dues credit for 15 months on a full Golf Membership. We have Member Rewards for those Sponsoring in the Jr. Executive Golf category as well. In addition for every New Golf Member you sponsor, you will receive an invitation to the year-end Chairman’s Cocktail party with plenty of valuable surprises in store!

For more information or to Sponsor a new Golf Member today, please call Membership Director Chris Rucker at 703.779.7753 or email to

Thank you for your support!


If you can swing (pun totally intended) a free day at the club this Sunday, what better way to spend it than by playing in the RCTA Tennis & Golf Classic? Your day wil begin at 8:30 on the tennis courts with a little doubles round robin. You'll then head over to lunch at the main clubhouse, change into your golf attire and play a nine hole scramble. Finally you'll get to talk about all of your best shots with everyone over drinks and appetizers on the scoreboard patio! This is a fun event and a great way to spend a day at the club! you can rsvp at: 

For all of you tennis players that like being on an island all by yourself...

Come sign up and compete in our Singles Club Championships during the month of May & June. There will be the following divisions:

  • Men's Open (4.0+)
  • Ladies Open (3.5+)
  • Men's Gold (2.5-3.5)
  • Ladies Gold (2.5-3.0
  • Men's Senior (55 and over)
  • Ladies Senior (55 and over)

The deadline to sign up is May 1st. I need a minimum of 4 players per division. (If less than four the division will not be held) This will be a flex-schedule event. This means that matches will be scheduled by the participants and they will adhere to the match deadlines. Semi-final matches must be completed by June 13th. Finals matches to be played the week of June 16th or 23rd. The cost to enter is $20/division and is open to all members of River Creek Club. Trophies will be awarded to the champions and finalists at our RCTA year -end event. To sign up please contact me at

Due to rain last week we've rescheduled the Junior Tennis Social to Friday, April 25th! It runs from 7:30-9:30 at the tennis courts and is geared towards our junior players that are match capable as the kids will be playing the entire time. Snack & drinks will be provided. The cost for this event is $25. Space is limited to 24 players. Please RSVP to

Our first Junior Tennis Social is this Friday! It runs from 7:30-9:30 at the tennis courts and is geared towards our junior players that are match capable as the kids will be playing the entire time. The cost for this event is $25. Space is limited to 24 players. Please RSVP to

Hopefully you've been able to enjoy the last few days of sunshine and warmth! If you've been on the tennis courts and feel you need to give your racquet a "tune-up" then get your racquet restrung and your handle re-gripped here at the club. Most players have too thick of a string in their racquet. Thick strings are great for durability, but if you never break your strings then go for a thinner string to increase playability. Grips get worn out pretty quickly too. Besides being too compressed over time they also get slippery from perspiration. A good rule of thumb is to base how often you "tune-up" your raquet to how many times a week you play. So if your play 3 times a week, you should tune-up your racquet 3 times a year. 

If you feel like you need a new racquet altogether, then come out and try one of our 14 new demo's from Head. Graphene technology is the latest offering from Head. This strong, lightweight material is added to the shaft or throat area so that weight can be redistributed to the head and handle to increase maneuverability and optimize dynamic balance. All of the racquets play great, but finding the right weight, head size, power level & grip size is crucial to getting the most out of your equipment! 

Please contact me at to schedule either a racquet repair or racquet demo session this season.

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