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Dress guidelines for the Club

The River Creek Club dress code applies to all Members, guests and children six years of age and older. Appropriate attire for River Creek Club clubhouse and golf course area is defined below.


Jeans or denim attire that is clean, hole-free, hemmed, worn as designed (no “sagging” or visible undergarments) and is ONLY permitted downstairs unless otherwise specified.


  • Shirts with a designed collar
  • Turtle-neck, mock turtle-neck or crew neck
  • Collarless vests and/or sweaters may be worn with an approved shirt
  • Shirts that are designed to be tucked in must be tucked in
  • Shirts that are specifically designed to be left out (i.e., Bahama style) do not have to be tucked in
  • All attire must be, at a minimum, country club casual or appropriate golf attire


  • Blouses, sweaters, sleeveless shirts or approved golf shirts
  • No bare-midriff or “short shorts” (four inches above the knee or shorter), spaghetti straps, or strapless shirts are not allowed unless otherwise specified.
  • All attire must be, at a minimum, country club casual or appropriate golf attire


Hats are only allowed in Benjamin’s Tavern and must be worn as designed, (bill forward). Hats may be worn in the Grille only if participating in an approved club tournament.


Shoes should be worn as designed (tied or Velcro). Flip-flops and bare feet are not allowed. Golfers are encouraged to clean or remove their golf shoes before entering the restaurant or bar.


Appropriate tennis attire is acceptable in the Grille, Benjamin’s Tavern and the outside patio areas during normal business hours. After 5:00 pm, tennis attire is restricted to Benjamin’s Tavern and the outside patio areas. 

Inappropriate attire includes:

  • Swimming attire
  • Gym shorts
  • Tube tops
  • Exposed midriffs
  • Flip-flopsT-shirts

Spandex and workout attire (nylon “track suits,” cotton sweat pants) are not allowed at any time, unless otherwise specified UpstairsCountry club casual attire (no jeans/shorts/denim) is required at all times, unless otherwise noted for a specific event. Club management reserves the right to refuse privileges, and to request departure from Club property to anyone they determine to be in violation of the dress code. There are no extenuating circumstances.

Dress code decisions that fall outside those enforced in the requirements above are at the discretion of the Manager on duty.