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River Creek (Edward's Ferry) is a historical landmark

River Creek, or as it is more historically known, Edward's Ferry, has been witness to significant acts of importance in American history. In August of 1814, when the British burned Washington, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were sent to safety at nearby Rokeby Plantation just south of Leesburg. Here at Edward's Ferry, patrols of American soldiers and Virginia militia were kept on guard against the threat of further British advance up the Potomac River Valley. Artifacts of these patrols have been found nearby.
 The year 1861 saw the tragedy of the outbreak of the war between the North and the South. Following the southern victory at the Battle of First Manassas (known as Bull Run in the North), both sides settled down to patrolling the opposite banks of the Potomac River. Here in the area of Leesburg, the Confederates had an advanced brigade guarding the multiple river crossings on this stretch of the Potomac River. The Battle of Ball's Bluff, a major confederate victory, was fought in October of 1861, and operations here at Edwards Ferry were part of that campaign.