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Catherine Bowen - River Run Country Club - NC Grant Way
Membership Sales Director


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River Run Amenities

River Run Country Club provides amenities and activities for every member of the family. Featuring a championship golf course, full-service tennis and fitness facilities, a large pool area complete with water slide, and a variety of dining events and activities, River Run is everything you could want from a country club.

River Run is unique among other private clubs in the Charlotte area, with a welcoming blend of amenities and atmosphere.

  • Dining

    Delicious food with quiet ambience, dinner at the Club is expertly orchestrated by our executive chef.

  • Swimming

    Whether you need a quick dive in to cool off in the summer or you want a program for kids, swimming at the Club can’t be beat.

  • Fitness

    Stay healthy and fit with state-of-the-art fitness facilities.