Would you like to invite more of you friends and colleagues to enjoy the benefits of Membership and experience what you think sets your club apart? Starting this Summer the Rivers Club is inviting our members to nominate local organizations to take part in our 'Company of the Week' program. Not only a great opportunity to invite your organization to enjoy the benefits of Membership, the 'Company of the Week' program is also the Rivers Club's way of highlighting organizations that are a part of Pittsburgh's diverse and growing community.

What does being the Rivers Club's Company of the Week Include:
- To start, every employee of the 'Company of the Week' will be invited to enjoy a week of complimentary membership: Work out in our athletic facilities, enjoy our lunch club table, nip into the pub for an after work drink or catch one of our many member events.
- To ensure that everyone from your organization feels welcomed, we will post signage throughout the club.
- One of our favorite ongoing events at the club is our Wednesday Night Live. To further welcome your organization we would like to host a happy hour for your group to enjoy complimentary cocktails, appetizers and live jazz.
- Want to know a bit more about the club and becoming a member? Take a break out of your day and stop into one of two lunch and learns host by our knowledgeable Membership Directors, Casey Ellis and Meghan Sekone Fraser.

So if you would like to have more of your friends and colleagues joining you at the club or would like to highlight your organization for a week, stop into the Membership office and nominate your company as a potential company of the week!

Reach out to Casey and Meghan in the Membership Office today!

Membership Office
Phone: 412-391-5227
Email:Casey.Ellis@ClubCorp.com or Meghan.Gaab@ClubCorp.com

Now You and a Friend Can Enjoy Preferred Rivers Club ONE dues!

Announcing our newest Member Referral Program, Just ONE. This program is rightly named because it only takes one friend to enjoy preferred Rivers Club ONE dues. When you invite a friend to join the Rivers Club between now and September 30th, 2015, you will both enjoy preferred Rivers Club ONE dues until September 30th, 2016. That's over a year of enjoying ONE benefits at a preferred rate!

Rivers club ONE can save you 50% off all of your in club dining and give you amazing benefits for golf, dining and much more both in the Pittsburgh community and beyond. Now with Just ONE you can enjoy all of these amazing benefits with preferred rates. Want to know how much you could be saving?

Contact the Membership Office Today!

Phone: 412.391.5227

Email: meghan.gaab@clubcorp.com or casey.ellis@clubcorp.com

Need a refresher of what Rivers Club ONE offers?

As the private club of choice in Pittsburgh, we are always looking for ways to provide you with more value to make the Club more relevant to you, your associates and your friends. While many Members find either the fitness aspects OR the business aspects of our club the most attractive – we realized that it is important for the Club to serve Members’ personal dining and entertaining needs as well. With this in mind, we have spent the past 9 months developing Rivers Club O.N.E.

For starters Rivers Club O.N.E. Members will receive 50% off a la carte dining anywhere in the Club. So if you are looking for breakfast before heading into the office, a business lunch or dinner with family and friends; Rivers Club O.N.E. has you covered in your home club. Combine that with additional Pittsburgh Community and ClubCorp World benefits and you are truly prepared to have the optimal network experience..

Benefits at Rivers Club for Rivers Club ONE include:

- NEW: 50% off* a la carte breakfast & lunch every day for you & your family members (including the club table)

- NEW: 50% off* evening a la carte for you & your family and up to 6 guests (when dining with you)

Plus - Our Private Fitness Facilities, Over 50+ fitness classes a week, Both Casual and Fine Dining, Private Function Rooms and Private Event Directors to help you put your best foot forward and our diverse and now infamous Member Events! 

Benefits with ONE when you’re close to home include:

- Two FREE greens fees* (just pay for your cart) per month from Sunday noon until Friday noon at Diamond Run Golf Club and Treesdale Golf & Country Club.

- One FREE* greens fee per month at the alliance partner club of your choice; that's 5 complimentary rounds of golf each month!

- 2-for-1 a la carte lunch or dinner entree one time per month*, per membership at Diamond Run Golf Club, Treesdale Golf & Country Club and Allegheny HYP Club, plus dining privileges at some of the best local private clubs and restaurants

- Your choice of 4 Movie Tickets or 4 Comedy Show Tickets at Robinson's Latitude 360 each month.

With ONE you also Enjoy the best of the ClubCorp Network when you travel:

- Two FREE* meals per month at world-class city clubs in more than 50 cities

- Two FREE* greens fees per month at participating country clubs from coast to coast

And so much more! Look for the ONE benefits available by checking out the Benefit Finder (http://www.clubcorp.com/Membership/Benefits-Finder)

We look forward to seeing you in your Club more often and enjoying the great ClubCorp Network through ONE! 

Want to learn a bit more about how Rivers Club O.N.E. works for Members like yourself? Rivers Club Member, Ben E. Fits, is here to help. Ben has been a Member of the Rivers Club for about 2 years and recently upgraded his Membership to Rivers Club O.N.E. Last week he began exploring his new O.N.E. benefits and he is looking forward to sharing his experiences with you.

We recently asked you where you would like to see Rivers Club O.N.E. in use by Ben E. Fits and Denver, Colorado was your choice. With beautiful views and benefits abounding, Denver is truly a great place to flex a Rivers Club O.N.E. Membership.

This is what a trip to Denver, CO with Rivers Club O.N.E. looks like…

Day One: After Flying into Denver Ben and his family were in need of some rest. They picked up their Avis Rental Car at the Airport, which they saved 25% on. They then drove into town and checked into the Hotel Monaco were they also enjoyed preferred rates. After a day of saving just for being a Member of the Rivers Club the Fits knew it was going to be a great weekend.

Day Two: The Fits Family took it the sites by hiking around the Red Rocks Park. Afterwards they headed back to the hotel for a nap before freshening up for dinner. That night they headed to the Capital Grille for dinner where they were greeted with a complimentary appetizer and treated to VIP service.

Day Three: Ben wanted to truly knock the socks off his family and had a limo from Savoya Limousine and Transportation Services surprise them after a great breakfast at their hotel. By booking through ClubLIne and using his Membership Ben was able to receive 20% off. From the hotel the limo took them to Grand Adventure Balloon Tours to experience Denver from the skies. Again as a Rivers Club O.N.E. Member Ben was able to take advantage of preferred rates. Who knew Membership could include a balloon ride?!

Day Four: One of the best benefits of Rivers Club O.N.E. is the access to privates clubs and golf courses outside of the Pittsburgh area. On the fourth day of their Denver adventure the Fits Family headed to the Blackstone Club for a round of family golf and some lunch. As Rivers Club O.N.E. Members the Fits enjoyed two complimentary greens fees and two complimentary meals.


Day Five: Unfortunately, all adventures must come to a close and on the fifth day the Fits family head back to Pittsburgh. Lucky for them the benefits of Rivers Club O.N.E. make their hometown more fun than ever before!

Follow Ben E. Fits' adventures to continue learning about Rivers Club O.N.E.

If you would like to learn more from Membership Directors, Casey Ellis and Meghan Sekone-Fraser, stop into the Membership Office or call today for more information today!

If you’ve spent time in our athletic facilities recently, you’ve likely noticed significant changes in our women’s locker room. We’re very excited to share the completion of Phase One of the locker room reinvention. Some of the new showers are now open!
While it sounds simple, Phase One has actually been a complex and carefully planned process. We began construction by tearing down existing tile and walls and re-configuring them to re-build the steam room, allow more space, as well as added 3 showers and all new lighting and plumbing fixtures. Each new shower has 150 cuts of upgraded tile, so the work has required a high amount of precision and careful placement.


New Showers!


Steam Room

Moving forward into the next three phases, we will be re-tiling the other eight showers (expanding the number of showers from 8 to 11), installing all new plumbing, new tile floor in the shower area, entrance to the wet area and sauna, plus the floors in the grooming and toilet areas. 
Work will continue into the summer & early fall, with each phase involving some sort of temporary barricade.  Work will take place daily/nightly. Currently, we have “transitional” floor tile that is temporary while the work is completed. Eventually when the permanent floor tile is laid , this may have to be done all at once, and it may be necessary for us to close parts of the locker room for a few days. Of course, we will keep you updated of any schedule changes as we learn them. 


Phase Two

If you’re curious to see what the finished product will look like, stop down to the Athletic Level and take a look at the plans on the board outside of the women’s locker room. With the beautiful  high-end finishes, we think you’ll like the upgrades.
We can’t wait to share the locker room reinvention with you as it moves closer to completion. Stay tuned for more updates and photos to come this summer!

Want to learn a bit more about how Rivers Club O.N.E. works for Members like yourself? Rivers Club Member, Ben E.Fits, is here to help. Ben has been a Member of the Rivers Club for about 2 years and recently upgraded his Membership to Rivers Club O.N.E. Last week he began exploring his new O.N.E. benefits and he is looking forward to sharing his experiences with you.

This is what another week of O.N.E. looks like…

On Monday, Ben hit the snooze a few too many times and missed his morning sweat session. Once he got into the office he called Yolanda and the ClubLine for some help setting up the best Mother’s Day weekend possible.

Ben and his wife are headed to Hilton Head, South Carolina for a family vacation for this summer. On Tuesday, Ben used the Benefits Finder to scope out great places to stay, play and dine. With three ClubCorp Clubs in the area they will surly have a ton of fun using their ONE benefits! 

On Wednesday, Ben got himself back into the gym bright and early and even had the time to refuel with one of Troy’s Almost Famous Smoothies. By enjoying 50% off all in club dining, Ben saves while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Thursday was another sunny spring day so Ben and his wife booked a babysitter and headed to Treesdale to enjoy their two complimentary rounds of golf. Afterwards they headed to the newly renovated clubhouse to enjoy their monthly 2-for-1 entrees. 

On Friday, Ben kicked off Mothers Day weekend with family dinner at the Rivers Club. Saving 50% off of their decadent meal meant they didn’t feel too badly about splurging on a extra special bottle of wine. 

Saturdays are all about the family and the Fits family wasn’t going to let some spring showers dampen their day. So Ben and his family headed to Latitude 360’s dine in movie theater to use their 4 monthly complimentary movie tickets. After sitting through the movie, drinking soda and snacking on candy, Latitude 360's bowling alley was a great way to play as a family. 

On Sunday, there was no better place to celebrate Mother’s Day than the Rivers Club. Ben and his family came down to the club for the Mothers Day Brunch to shower Mama Fits with all the love she deserves.

Follow Ben E. Fits adventures to continue learning about Rivers Club O.N.E.

If you would like to learn more from Membership Directors, Casey Ellis and Meghan Sekone-Fraser, stop into the Membership Office or call today for more information today!

Want to learn a bit more about how Rivers Club O.N.E. works for Members like yourself. Rivers Club Member, Ben E.Fits, is here to help. Ben has been a Member of the Rivers Club for about 2 years and recently upgraded his Membership to Rivers Club O.N.E. Last week he began exploring his new O.N.E. benefits and he is looking forward to sharing his experiences with you.

This is what one week of O.N.E. looks like…

On Monday, morning Ben indulged his love of Bacon and came upstairs for breakfast after his morning workout. He saved 50% on his breakfast and even came back for seconds.

On Tuesday, Ben hosted a morning meeting in the Grant Room and as a O.N.E. Member, Ben was able to utilize complimentary AV Equipment to make his meeting as on point as possible.

On Wednesday, Ben and his wife needed a mid week break. So they invited 6 friends to come enjoy Wednesday Night Live at the Rivers Club. With great music and 50% off all in club dining for the entire group, a good time was surely had by all!

On Thursday, Ben snuck out of the office early to enjoy the spring weather and play a round of golf in the Pittsburgh Community. With great tee times and 2 complimentary greens fees at Diamond Run, 2 complimentary greens fees at Treesdale and 1 at his choice of Chartiers, Green Oaks or Seven Oaks Country Club each month, it is always hard to say no to a beautiful day.

On Friday, Ben and his wife took and long weekend and headed to Washington, D.C. After the drive they stopped into the City Club of Washington for dinner and to take advantage of their 2 monthly complimentary meals.

On Saturday, Ben and his wife headed to Chantilly National Country Club and took advantage of their two complimentary greens fees and even tested out the TaylorMade loaner clubs provided through their O.N.E. benefits.

After finishing up their round of golf and hitting up a local winery, they headed back into D.C. But not without stopping at Tower Tyson’s Corner to enjoy their 2 monthly complimentary meals as the sun began to set over the Capital.

On Sunday, they did a little sight-seeing before heading back to Pittsburgh to get ready for another week of O.N.E.

Follow Ben E. Fits adventures to continue learning about Rivers Club O.N.E.

Want to learn more from Membership Directors, Casey Ellis and Meghan Sekone-Fraser?

RSVP for a Happy Hour with O.N.E. or one of their weekly Lunch and Learns each Friday at 12pm.

Rivers Club Private Events Director Amanda Offers Her Wedding Planning Expertise

With Valentine’s Day and the winter holidays come plenty of marriage proposals, and you might have been included on the list of those who got engaged this winter! This is the biggest time of year for wedding planning, so now that you’re engaged, what do you do?

Rivers Club Private Events Director Amanda Rapach wants to offer you some places to start when just beginning your wedding planning journey. There are plenty of wedding planning tools and checklists available on wedding web sites and social media, but Amanda’s favorite checklist is the Martha Stewart Wedding Workbook. You can download the guide by clicking here

The following are Amanda’s top 10 must-dos when you’re first engaged:

1. Enjoy using the word fiancé.  Sometimes brides feel awkward changing introductions from “boyfriend” to fiancé. You only get to say it for a short period of time, so say it all the time while you can.

2. Look at your ring. In every light possible, from every direction. Show everyone. Be excited and bask in the attention you’ll get from it.

3. Speaking of rings, get yours insured.Your fiancé has likely worked hard to get you the engagement ring of your dreams, so you don’t want to lose it and not be able to replace it.

4. Perfect your proposal story. After you show everyone the ring, they are going to want to hear the STORY. Take the time to enjoy reliving the moment. If you’re making a wedding website, share the story on your page.

5. Take engagement photos. This is a great opportunity to meet the photographer and get comfortable with him/her before the big day. Get used to being in front of the camera with your future husband, because come the day of the wedding, the spotlight will be on you two all day and night.

6. Join Pinterest. Wedding Pinspiration is an amazing thing! Setting up Pinterest boards is a great way to plan and stay organized.

7. Choose your wedding party. There are some great ways to ask your friends to be a part of your special day. Get creative with it!  

8. Go dress shopping. Oh, dress shopping.  Something happens to a girl when she puts on a wedding dress. The little princess in all of us comes out.

9. Just breathe. With all the planning coming up for the wedding, consider taking a couple weeks to just be engaged without working on the details for the wedding. It’s nice to enjoy time with your favorite person without feeling the pressure to plan the big day. 

10.  Call Amanda to tour the Rivers Club for your reception.

Rivers Club Oxford Room
Rivers Club Three Rivers Ballroom

About Rivers Club Events

With seven event spaces that boast varying layouts and capacities, we have hosted everything from weddings to networking events, bar mitzvahs to individual meetings. 

Personalization is what makes your private event at the Club so unique. Chef Jim Gelzheiser can prepare anything you crave for your special day, and our private event directors, Kari Jensen and Amanda Rapach, are with you through every step of the planning process. 

Weddings are especially popular at the Club, with the Three Rivers Ballroom measuring 3,955 square feet and comfortably seating up to 250 guests for a wedding (with a dance floor) and 300 for other seated dinner events.

During weekends, private event hosts can have access to the entire dining level of the Club. This provides separate areas for the wedding ceremony, hors d’oeuvres, and the reception, which means you don’t have to share the space with another wedding party; something all too familiar at other venues. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about last-minute set up and layout changes – it’s all taken care of in advance. 

In addition to the Three Rivers Ballroom, other private room options include:

  • The Duquesne Room, a traditional space with rich wood décor that can be used for cocktail parties of up to 45 people, luncheons for groups up to 35 or committee meetings of 25 or fewer.
  • The Rivers Room, a 60-seat backdrop for an impressive view of Station Square, the Incline and Mount Washington, as well as several pieces of inspiring local artwork.
  • The Grant Room, presenting Station Square by way of expansive windows and abundant sunlight, is ideal for an intimate dinner party of 20 people or fewer.
  • The Smithfield Room is a corner room that seats up to 12 and faces the Smithfield Street Bridge, best for small team meetings or board discussions.

The Rivers Club has close relationships with many private event vendors that will ensure every last detail is perfect. 

Rivers Club Three Rivers Ballroom Table Setting

If you’ve stopped in the dining room within the last few weeks, you have most likely noticed our new lunch and dinner menus. Starting today, we are also revealing a newly established pub menu with all new items. 

Pub Menu PDF capture

We “grilled” our talented executive chef, Jim Gelzheiser, on what Members can expect from the new menus and what he loves most about them. 

Q: What are some of the biggest changes to the menus? 

A: Actually, only two of our most popular "Member Favorites" remain from the last menu: the Tuna Tostada Salad and the Filet & Wedge Salad.  

Q: What new features will members enjoy most? 

A: I am proud to say I believe the most noticeable new feature will be that we have begun working with Penn's Corner Farm Alliance to make some great local farm products available to our culinary team. I really think members will taste a difference.

Q: This is the first time the Club has introduced a third menu. What was the reasoning behind creating a menu specifically for the pub?

A: Nothing more than just an attempt to give the pub a breath of fresh air. Our city has become a great food city. We want our members to know you can stop by the pub and have a great micro brew, a great burger, comforting appetizers and maybe a hot, trendy, modern interpretation of a dish crafted by Charcuterie expert Executive Sous Chef David Uram.

Q: Will pub menu items change seasonally as the lunch and dinner menus do or will it remain the same throughout the year? 

A: Yes, all three menus will continually evolve throughout the year.

Q: The new pub menu features items under headers of “Pretentious” and “Unpretentious.” What can members expect from these items?  

A: Food items under the “Unpretentious” header should be familiar and delicious. Under “Pretentious,” be ready for a little adventure, but hopefully members will find these items to be just as delicious.

Q: What are some of your personal favorite menu items on all three menus (lunch, dinner and pub)?

 A: Our burger makes me hungry every time I see it. Kevon, our grill cook, makes the most beautiful smoked brisket quesadilla I have ever seen. At dinner, "It’s All About That Braise" this time of year. The lamb shank with risotto and beef short rib with polenta are sure to take the chill out of the Pittsburgh winter.

Q: What wine pairings would work well with the new menu items?

A: I would try our spicy snapper millefeuille with Conundrum White wine and the lamb osso bucco should work nicely with the Ferrari-Carano.

Is your mouth watering yet? Come try Chef Jim’s culinary treasures for yourself to see what you’re missing. Reserve a spot at our table by calling 412.391.5227 or just stop in the pub! We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by our many new additions.

FitQuest and Personal Training at the Rivers Club Can Get You Back On Track

Has your resolution to get in better shape stalled now that January is coming to an end? We understand the feeling, but you don’t have to bore yourself with that same stale workout routine. The world of fitness is ever-evolving, and there are many new exercise options to optimize your results.

As a Rivers Club member, you have access to the FitQuest program and six personal trainers who will help you evaluate your fitness goals and work closely with you to achieve them. We can tailor a fitness program, just for you, so you can hit the refresh button on your “New Year, New You” aspirations.

FitQuest Logo

Lindsay Marshall, Rivers Club FitQuest coordinator and personal trainer, strongly encourages all new members to take full advantage of a free FitQuest session. In addition to gauging current levels of fitness and developing S.M.A.R.T. goals, trainers help members become more comfortable with the club, learn the ins and outs of the fitness equipment, and build a personal relationship. It’s also a great time to meet other members who use the athletic facilities.

There are three parts to FitQuest evaluations. The first, and most important, is the health history questionnaire. This provides trainers with an overview of past injuries or underlying health conditions so they can develop a well-rounded and customized routine that is manageable.

The next segment involves goal setting, which looks at why you joined the club, what your immediate fitness goals are, any hobbies and workout preferences, and if there are any situations that will hinder you from visiting the athletic facilities on a regular basis. Lindsay works to ensure each member’s fitness goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound. This enables everyone to have a clear focus during each workout. 

Work Out at Rivers Club

“Almost everyone says they want to lose weight,” Lindsay says. “But there’s so much more we can help members achieve. We want to know what areas of your body you feel need improvement or how much weight you want to lose and in what time frame. Setting a goal of losing three pounds in a month is much more attainable than trying to lose 10 pounds in a month. If you set goals you can reach, you’ll be more inclined to stick with your program.”

Lindsay also emphasizes that it’s not always a lesser weight that makes you fit. “We also take your measurements because you might be building muscle and losing inches, but the scale is not moving,” she says. “Everyone is different, and the number on the scale is not the be-all-end-all.”

Finally, your first FitQuest session will evaluate your current level of fitness. We test heart rate and blood pressure, measure your circumferences and put you through some paces to learn your maximum level of exertion—at least for the time being. If you choose to continue past your initial FitQuest evaluation and attend personal training sessions on a regular basis, we promise to challenge you by gradually making your workouts more difficult.

2014- 135

Every member’s level of fitness is unique. For those who are not experienced, Lindsay recommends a personal training session twice a week and working out on your own once a week. For members who regularly use the athletic facilities and are comfortable working out on their own, Lindsay recommends a personal training session one to two times a month to monitor results and to keep routines fresh.

By the way, Lindsay teaches two group fitness classes: Insanity and Zumba, which are two of her favorite techniques. All trainers hold current certifications and consistently educate themselves to ensure the most updated information is being utilized and provided to you. To learn more about our trainers, session pricing and group fitness schedule, call 412-261-1550.

The holidays are over, we’re in the dead of winter, and the weather has certainly been proving that lately!

You may still be feeling the after-effects of the stress of the holiday season, the struggle of the icy work commute and getting the kids off to school.  Or, maybe you just have the “cold weather, dark nights” winter blues. If you’re looking to cheer up, de-stress, and relieve some of that winter tension, the Rivers Club has everything you need to do just that. Even better, the Club can help you get HEALTHY and HAPPY at the same time with our athletic facilities.


Rivers Club Athletic Operations Director Jessica Hootman offers tips on the best ways to kick the winter doldrums. 

First, she believes relaxation depends on how you prefer to relieve stress. Her preferences, for example, are high-intensity workouts, like cycling, TurboKick, Zumba, or Insanity, all of which are group fitness classes offered at the Club. If you’re looking for high intensity but something a little more private, there are six personal trainers available at various times of the day. We recommend you evaluate your base level of fitness with our FitQuest coordinator and personal trainer Lindsay Marshall. Your FitQuest session is complimentary and is a great motivator to improve your overall health.

If you prefer a more low-key or relaxing exercise, Jessica recommends PiYo (a combination of Pilates and yoga) or Pilates. In fact, the Club offers six different kinds of group yoga classes: energizing yoga, Vinyasa flow, power flow, fundamentals, Iyengar, and strength & conditioning. Again, Jessica explains, the type of yoga that will work best for you is all based on personal preference. 

“The early morning energizing classes definitely get you moving and breathing,” said Jessica. “While I find them to be challenging, it's definitely a great way to start the day. The Iyengar classes are probably the best for relaxation, however all yoga classes focus on breathing and creating harmony and balance in the body. You really can’t go wrong.”

Once you’ve found your chi in a yoga class, you can restore your energy with a smoothie at the Rivers Edge packed with vitamins and nutrients. The Club carries most of your typical ingredients for smoothies like berries, spinach, kale, peanut butter, and almond milk. You can create your own combination or let Chef Troy work his magic and make one for you.

If you’re looking for a little more pampering, the Club also offers a variety of private massage options, including Swedish, deep tissue, reflexology, prenatal, myofascial, orthopedic, neuromuscular, Reiki, and hot stone. A good, old-fashioned Swedish massage does wonders for any type of stress, but Jessica believes neuromuscular therapy is the ideal choice for muscle tension. It's a spot-specific technique that isolates areas of tension for maximum relief. 

All of the services on the athletic level, including the massages and personal training sessions, can be gifted to friends and family by purchasing a gift certificate. If you know someone besides you who could use some time to recharge, this would be the perfect way to do so!

Don’t forget: Valentine’s Day is only a few short weeks away. Athletics has a great deal for a buy-one-get-one massage special in February (details below).

If you have any questions about services offered in our athletic facility, don’t hesitate to stop in to talk to Jessica or any of the athletic staff.  You can also give the Rivers Club a call at 412.391.5227.

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