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New Member & Prospective Member FAQs

Bolero’s, Tapas & Clubhouse

It is expected that members will choose to dress according to the following dress code as laid out by the Board of Governors. It is also expected that members will advise their guests of the dress requirements. The Club will publish dress requirements from time to time. Management reserves the right to make a final decision on appropriate attire.

  • Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times when on club facilities other than at the swimming facilities.
  • Jeans and sandals are acceptable everywhere except on the golf course.
  • Fitness attire is for the sports club area only, not formain clubhouse areas.
  • Pre-teen children should dress appropriately for their age group. Teenagers will be expected to comply with the dress code requirements for adults.

Athletic Hats & Visors

  • Hats should always face front
  • Gentlemen should remove their hats when indoors (other than in Tapas bar)

Golf Course

This dress code is mandatory for all players. Improperly dressed golfers shall be asked to change before playing. If you are in doubt concerning your attire, please check with the golf shop personnel before starting play.


Shirts with collars (mock collars are acceptable) and sleeves, slacks or Bermuda shorts of no more than two inches above the knee are considered appropriate attire. Tank tops, tee shirts, mesh shirts, sweat pants, warm-up suits not intended for golfers, blue jeans, work jeans, swim wear, short shorts, cut-offs, gym shorts, tennis outfits or other athletic shorts are not permitted.


Dresses, skirts, slacks, mid-length shorts, collared shirts and blouses are considered appropriate attire. Sleeveless shirts must have collars and shirts without collars must have sleeves. Halter tops, tee shirts, tank tops, cut-offs, sweat pants, warm-up suits not intended for golfers, blue jeans, swim wear, tennis dresses, short shorts, or other athletic shorts are not permitted.


Appropriate golf shoes are required for all golfers. Football, soccer or other large knobby spike shoes are not allowed. Tennis shoes or other soft sole shoes are subject to the approval of the Golf Professional on duty. Use of non-metal spikes of a type approved by the Club is mandatory.


Proper tennis attire as determined by the Sports Club is required at all times. Colors are permitted. Examples of attire not permitted are: Undershirts, fishnet shirts, cut-offs, Bermudas, jams, jeans of any color, bathing suits, gym shorts that are below the knee, slacks and walking shorts. Regulation tennis shoes are required.


All swimmers must wear bona fide swimming attire. Cut-offs, dungarees and Bermuda shorts are not considered appropriate swimwear. Proper non-swim attire is required at all times in and around the main Clubhouse including Bolero’s and Tapas. Shoes or other foot coverings and cover-ups or shirts must be worn outside the swimming pool area. Swim diapers are mandatory for any infants not fully potty trained, no other diapers of any kind are allowed in the pools.


Please remember that although sleeveless shirts and sports bras are acceptable workout attire that if you plan on visiting the main clubhouse area of the Club that you will need to bring a change of top with you prior to visiting those areas.


Casual workout attire is acceptable at the fitness facilities including tee-shirts, tank tops, gym shorts or warm-up pants


Acceptable workout attire includes: leotards, tights, tee-shirts, tank tops, gym shorts or warm-up pants.


  • No black-soled shoes shall be permitted at the fitness facility.
  • Only aerobic or court shoes may be worn at the fitness facility and in the aerobics studio.