Becky Trovato

Becky Trovato - Silicon Valley Capital Club
Role:Private Events Director
Serving Since:2013
Phone Number:408.938.2364

Becky brings more than 10 years of event planning experienceto the Capital Club, having  owned herown event planning company, working with many clients for all types of events,from corporate team building events to various private events.

Becky is truly excited to be at the Capital Club and in anenvironment where she can provide members with a professional and innovativeapproach to events. Additionally, Becky is involved in many communityorganizations.

Becky was born and raised in the Santa Clara Valley,she has an extensive professional sales background that has helped herimmensely. 

In her free time, Becky enjoys playing tennis, cooking, andof course entertaining. Becky is married and has two children, both in college.