Recently a member of the club sent a letter to us requesting that the BOG again review the concept of not permitting denim in the Founders’ Room. “The ‘no jeans’ policy is insane from both a practical standpoint and a business standpoint. In Silicon Valley there is a long history of casual business attire. Most of the high tech upper management wears jeans routinely. That is simply the culture here.” He went on to list numerous situations where he has brought up many, well known members of the community, only to have to leave the club to go to dinner due to the person wearing jeans. This was not the first occassion when a member debated our jeans policy, since the Club's existence there have been numerous ongoing requests to allow jeans in the dining room. 

 To respond to these concerns, we researched a variety of articles developed by the McMahon Group, which are the principal consultants to the private club industry. Several important quotes about new directions for the future and membership desires from their research publications were found:

1. “The member attitude is more a quest for experiences – think chef’s tables, informative seminars, enrichment – than the dated concept of exclusivity.”

2. “The successful clubs of the future will be those that create effective balance between respect for their traditions and more traditional members while addressing the new demands of members and prospective members.”

3. “The club of the future will need to be casual and convenient. Dress is an obvious component here, but they’ll also need rules that make them easy to use. We’ll finally get over the endless debate on jeans and accept that we’d rather have members using the club instead of other alternative that are easier to use.”

As a result the Board of Governors voted to permit jeans in the Founders’ Room. McMahon also indicated that this trend is rising quickly with almost 70% of private clubs permitting jeans in all areas. The Board determined that it would benefit everyone if the Club did not have to turn away business to Members that are paying dues to be here. Futher discussion also determined that the new policy would elimimate the awkward conversation between members and their guest requiring that they wear the appropriate attire and save many esteemed guests the embarrasment of possibly being denied dining access. It's important to highlight that Members and their guests should still expect to receive the upmost in service, excellence in cuisine and stellar ambiance.



The Beverage Advisory Council hosted the first-ever LIVE mixology contest for Members and their guests to enjoy on Wednesday, February 12 during the Mardi Gras Mixer.

Justin Collins (Vitis Society Chair), Robert Thompson (Vino Society Chair) and Sean Toomey (Board of Governors Chair) were the first competitors to go head-to-head to create the ultimate cocktail... but there was a catch! Each cocktail had to incorporate a SECRET ingredient.

Here are the secret ingredients that were revealed...

  1. Eau de vie douglas fir
  2. Jalapeños
  3. Creme Brulee liqueur

A winner was selected after each round by a panel of judges including, Doug McCutcheon (Beverage Advisory Chair), Todd Mosher (Board of Governors), and Milagros Gomez (Food & Beverage Director). A winner was also voted by Members for the "People's Choice." 

The rounds were all very close with each competitor winning at least once for either the Judge's Choice or People's Choice but in the end, one cocktail reigned supreme.

The judges had a tough decision ahead of them as only ONE cocktail could be chosen as the ultimate winner, earning their cocktail a coveted feature spot on the Capital Club's cocktail list. The one and only cocktail that won both the Judge's and People's Choice and ultimately the entire competition was... Sean Toomey's "Basil Jalapeacho."

Don't miss your chance to try Sean's "Basil Jalapeacho" the next time you're at the Club, you already know it's a WINNER!

Ingredients: 3 oz Ciroc Peach Vodka, 7 Fresh Basil Leaves, 1/2 Lime, 4 Slices of Jalapeno, 1 oz Agave Syrup (or Simple Syrup), Ice


The Capital Club offers a variety of member Councils to become involved with that organize events, contribute to Club operations and serve the membership at large.

One group in particular that reaches beyond the four walls of the Club and into the community is our Veterans Council. This group, headed by fellow member Diane Duerr-Levine, is developing programs to support both individual Veterans and Veterans' groups in the South Bay Area. They are attempting to find opportunities where the Club can become a support entity for Veterans in employment, educational and social service areas. This council brings a wonderful new direction to the Club and how we can make a bigger difference in the community.
For an official update on the efforts of our Veterans Council, download the Council's 2014 address HERE.

On behalf of the entire Capital Club, we thank Diane and the members of our Veterans Council for doing their part to now serve those that spent their lives serving for us all.

To find out more about our Club Councils and how to get involved, contact Gina Rodriguez at 

After the successful roll out of the new Founders' Room Dinner Menu, Chef Ron and his culinary team are hard at work on the next steps.

This week we introduced a new dessert menu with a variety of delicious items from our own Tracy Lauth of Black Tie Desserts. At the same time Chef Ron has modified his recipes and ingredients for our wonderful soufflés. A tasting of the soufflés last night had the staff raving about the flavors and consistency of chocolate and vanilla bean soufflés. Make sure to try Tracy's selections and the new soufflés on your next visit to the club.

February 11th is the start date for the new Vertex menu that will now be available from 11:30 am until one hour before Club closing. The new menu features a variety of items for sharing with guests as well as a new section of snacks. Chef Ron has added some great new salads, sandwiches and exciting entrees, while retaining some member favorites. Make sure you let us know your new favorites!

At the request of members we have modified much of the entire menu to be gluten-free. Additionally there is a selection of vegetarian items or items that can be easily modified to be vegetarian. If one of these items does not appeal to our vegetarians, we always stock Tofu and pastas which the culinary team can use to create a custom items. Please ask if that option is of interest.

Both the new Founders' Room dinner menu and the new Vertex menu are exciting upgrades to our culinary program. We invite your feedback and comments on these menus. We also continue to be interested in hearing new ideas or suggestions, since we will be modifying menus on a quarterly basis this year. 

Thank you for your support.

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