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Dress Code

Casual or Dress attire is appropriate and allowed in all areas of the Club, unless the event is formal dress specific. Attire and grooming shall be appropriate to maintain high personal and professional standards of both appearance and decorum and shall not be offensive to any other Members or guests. The dress code applies to everyone four years of age and above. Members are responsible for guests’ conformance to dress code standards. Exceptions to the dress code may be made for certain events. Shoes must be worn at all times while in the clubhouse. Please respect the following guidelines for both clubhouses.

The following are prohibited in both clubhouses and dining areas:

  • All T-shirts
  • Bathing attire
  • Tank tops
  • Midriffs
  • Cutoffs
  • Running shorts
  • Sweats and workout attire

Denim restrictions for The Ranch Clubhouse

  • Pressed, unfrayed denim is permitted at The Ranch Clubhouse
  • No denim is permitted for Sunday brunch

Denim restrictions for The Stonebridge Clubhouse

  • Pressed, unfrayed denim is only permitted in the mixed bar, grill and locker room areas
  • No denim is permitted in the main dining room at any time

Fitness areas

  • Collarless shirts and workout attire may be worn only in the fitness areas and locker rooms
  • No midriffs or uncovered sports bras are permitted in the fitness areas

Tennis center and pro shop

  • Members must wear appropriate attire specifically designed for tennis
  • Men must wear shirts with sleeves at all times
  • No black-soled shoes on the courts
  • No denim, cutoffs, uncovered sports bras or midriffs are permitted on the courts

Golf course and pro shops

  • Men must wear collared shirts or mock turtlenecks (one-inch minimum) at all times on the golf course and practice areas. Women may wear crew or collared shirts
  • Must be Bermuda length or style designed for golf
  • Both courses are soft-spike only facilities (tennis shoes may also be worn on the course or practice areas)
  • No denim of any kind, cutoffs, running or tennis shorts, t-shirts, and tank tops are prohibited on the golf course

Please be supportive of the staff in their efforts to help enforce our dress code.