Joe Menton

Joe Menton - Stonebridge Ranch Country Club - McKinney - TX
Role:PGA, Head Golf Professional, The Dye Course
Serving Since:2010
Phone Number:972.529.5992

What is your favorite part of your job at Stonebridge Ranch Country Club?

My favorite thing is introducing people to the game, setting them up with strong fundamentals, and then watching them grow.  Giving a pointer or a tip to a golfer on the driving range, chipping area, or putting green can be a “game changer” for some golfers.  

Tell us about some of the most memorable moments from your career.

My most memorable moment is winning the 2008 McGladrey Pro Am Team Championship at Pinehurst.  It was a terrific experience because our team won a local qualifying at Stonebridge, then the regional qualifying in Dallas, and then we won the National Championship that included all of the PGA Sections in October of 2008.  Ask me about my Rolex sometime.

Can you give a couple tips for Members and guests who want to improve their golf game?

Don’t sweat the small things in your swing.  Focus on the things that help with good balance and rhythm and spend half your practice time on your short game.