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Chris Schwartz

Role:Director of Golf
Serving Since:2014
Phone Number:972.529.5990

ROLE: Director of Golf


WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PART OF YOUR JOB AT STONEBRIDGE RANCH?I would have to say there is two main parts that are my favorite.  This is being able to work in the game of golf with a great membership.  Being able to share with the members their successes both on and off the course.  Other the part about the job is being help to help develop the staff of the club.  Helping the staff be successful in their current role and also helping them get to where they want to be in their respective careers.

TELL US ABOUT SOME OF THE MOST MEMORABLE MOMENTS OF YOUR CAREER?There are a number of memorable moments but there are 2 that come to the forefront.  The first was winning a putter boy trophy in 2004 at Pinehurst in the ClubCorp Golf Professional Tournament.  The second is having had some of my previous assistant golf professionals move on to their own Head Golf Professional positions.

CAN YOU GIVE A COUPLE TIPS FOR MEMBERS AND GUESTS WHO WANT TO IMPROVE THEIR GOLF GAME?Golf is a very fickle game that we all love to play.  Try to stay in the moment and focus on the next shot.  Focus on what you how you want the club to swing and allow your body to respond to the club as you move.  Understand what you want the golf club to do and then make it happen.