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Brain-Based Power Lunch

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Date: Fri, Mar 22, 2013
Time: 11:30am - 1:30pm
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What is the Brain-Based Leader Power Lunch?

Optimizing human performance may be the most difficult challenge that leaders face when facilitating change. This requires deep levels of engagement in the workplace and changing the way people think. Supported by the most recent cutting edge research in the field of contemporary neuroscience and leadership effectiveness, this highly interactive Brain-Based Leader Power Lunch provides an intensive and collaborative learning experience where busy leaders and executives come together on a monthly basis to learn how to dramatically enhance their own and their organizations’ performance. Join us in taking a fresh perspective on how to improve decision making and creative problem solving, understand and manage emotions, collaborate with and influence others, and successfully facilitate change.

Who should attend?

This event is for leaders and executives who want to improve thinking and effectiveness, create high performing organizations, grow internal talent, optimize their leadership, and never settle for the status quo.

Topic for the March Event

Dramatically Improve Decision Making and Problem Solving!

In today's world, the pressure to think better, make better decisions, and effectively solve problems in innovative ways is more important than ever. Findings from neuroscience provide us with key insights into how to improve thinking in the workplace, highlighting how many of the approaches currently used by leaders are yielding the opposite results from what is intended. Join us for a presentation and discussion on how to increase team and organizational performance by learning the science of problem solving and decision making.

What you will learn

1) What brain science tells us about effective decision making and why this is important to leaders
2) What it takes to truly engage people in innovative thinking
3) Five powerful brain-based strategies for improving decision making and problem solving

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